Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

You Guys. Have you ever had a weekend where everything went to absolute sh*t and you just found yourself sitting there super confused because you thought it was going to be so great and you’re not sure where everything went wrong? That was literally the weekend I had. And I can’t even blame Mercury being in Retrograde anymore.

So since my weekend came at me like this…


I’m totally blaming the crazy weather we got in Michigan this weekend.

Michigan, where you at??

And PS… I TOTALLY realize that all the little things that didn’t go right on my weekend are so not a big deal. They just felt like a really big deal because it had been a long, stressful, week. 

My weekend started out pretty “okay”. I got out of work earlier than expected (score!), but I was on my own for the evening (boo!), because Trev was working the Tiger’s Game.

So instead of our usual date night, I was flyin’ solo! (I didn’t mind though, because we were having Date Day on Saturday!) I grabbed Culvers and snuggled in with Jacksy Cat and Friends reruns.

Actual footage of our v. wild Friday night.

It was then I saw TWO things that totally ruined my mood. 1… A massive storm was coming our way. And 2… the market I had been looking forward to for months, and that we were going to for date day was actually on Sunday not Saturday… and we were working the Tiger’s game on Sunday.

Guys. I was DEVASTATED. Not only was the weather going to suck, but date day was officially ruined. After being super sad for an hour, I decided to not let it ruin my weekend. We would find something fun to do instead.

So I set my alarm for 3 AM and then drifted off to sleep. Why 3 AM you ask?! Because it was Hunter For Target release day! I had my eye on the bright yellow short boots and bright yellow rain jacket.

And in true “Super Awesome Perfect Weekend” fashion, everything sold out while I was trying to put it in my cart. I was super frustrated, but didn’t let it get to me. I rallied. I set an alarm for 6 AM, woke up Trev, threw on a hat, and headed out the door…

Where we met POURING rain. We ran to the car and headed to McDons to grab some breakfast, then over to Target. We had planned to eat in line, but we were the first ones there! So we ate in the car instead of standing in the pouring rain. (Side note about my breakfast, they forgot to put the coffee in my ice coffee and all I had to drink was watered down creamer.)


Then, just before 8 AM, we ran to get in line. We were the first ones there! I was super excited because they had my yellow coat in store! They didn’t have my yellow boots though, so I had to settle for pink. Which I was crazy bummed about. But I am thankful I was able to get a pair because they literally only had one pair in each size at our store.

First in line!

I also picked up a navy blue pair for my mom, but long story short, she didn’t like how they fit, so they’re mine now too! We grabbed a really cute red rain coat for my mom, and Trev tried on a pair of boots too. (He decided he didn’t want them, then regretted it, and we tried to go back and get them but they were sold out already. He was super bummed.)

Trev told me to smile with my haul… I was super ready for this photo. HAHAHAHA

When we finished our shopping at Target we came back home to figure out what to do for Date Day. But the weather started getting worse and worse. We snuggled up in bed to try to find something to do inside, not too far from home, and we ended up falling asleep. By the time we woke up, Date Day had passed us by. So we threw on a movie, cleaned the house, then put on our rain gear and ventured out to dinner!


We headed to one of our favorite Irish pubs, The Claddagh! I love these restaurants because they literally all look like old Irish castles inside with big cozy fireplaces and delicious food!


When we got home, we started a new puzzle (we’re 80 years old guys).


Then, we headed to bed early because we had to be up for the Tigers game on Sunday! And guys… we woke up to everything coated in AN INCH OF ICE. No joke!

So we put on layers upon layers of clothes and ventured out on a v. scary ride to Downtown. The Tigs didn’t end up postponing until we were already clocked in. I’m SO thankful we didn’t have to work the game. I would have FROZE.


Since we got to leave early, we headed over to 5 Guys for lunch, then to another Target to see if they had any of the boots Trev liked in stock. (They didn’t.)

Whenever I tell him to “Smile for the Blog” he does this. 

When we came home, Trev and Jacksy took a nap, and I took a shower to warm up.


Then, we ventured back out into the crud to meet Trev’s parents for a quick dinner.


And while the weekend was SO not what I wanted, and not how I planned, it ended on the sweetest note… with FroYo!


Oh… and all that crappy weather I mentioned? It knocked down a lot of power lines. And my work had ZERO power this morning. (And still doesn’t!) So, we had to shift around to different schools and I was totally thrown off without my normal Monday routine! Which is why this post is going up so.dang.late.

So here’s to Monday being almost over, and being one day closer to next weekend. Because seriously, I’m counting down the days to next Friday already.


How were your weekends?! I hope the weather was much nicer for you, and that all your plans fell into place! I also hope that you were able to score what you were hoping to from the Hunter for Target collection! (Let me know what you picked up in the comments below!)

Alright guys. Have a great last few hours of your Monday… I’m back tomorrow with another Travel Tuesday post that I know you won’t want to miss!


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