5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Yellowstone National Park

Erupting Geysers, Magical Hot Springs, Rushing Waterfalls and Buffalo. So.Many.Buffalo. Yellowstone National Park (America’s First National Park) is every photographer (and Instagrammer’s) dream come true.

This week, we’re heading west to one of America’s most Popular National Parks. Yellowstone has been a Family Vacation destination for YEARS with many of us, our parents, and our parent’s parents experiencing The Beauty of The Road Trip and the Adventures of “Out West” for the first time from a Suburban with no air conditioning (you can ask my dad for that story) on our way to this natural wonder.

Yellowstone made it’s first appearance on Savannah Said It in October 2016 as a part of my Jackson Hole Travel Series! And since last week I shared my 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Jackson Hole, WY, I figured this week was the PERFECT week to share my favorite Instagram Worthy spots in Yellowstone.

Alright my friends. Who is ready to make all your friends, family, social media followers jealous? Grab your filters (LOL JK none of these photos have filters) and get ready… today, I’m sharing the…

 5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful. We might as well start with the most iconic spot in Yellowstone! Old Faithful has been giving tourists the thrill of seeing a massive, erupting geyser since 1872. This “Geothermic Superstar” (I heard it called this once and I couldn’t stop LOLing) is the most famous spot in the park for a reason. Because it’s really freakin’ cool. You hear about Old Faithful growing up, but you don’t quite understand just how awesome it is until you see 3,700-8,400 gallons of water shooting 130 feet into the air. There isn’t a more perfect spot in the park to snap a selfie!

Grand Prismatic Spring. Grand Prismatic is easily the most Instagram Worthy spot in the park, IMO. The bright colors are a ‘Grammers dream. (Just think… no filter necessary!) But besides being crazy photogenic, this hot spring is beyond cool. I mean, if you’ve ever wanted to wander through a hot rainbow, this is your chance.


Side Note…  This was BY FAR my favorite thing I saw in the entire park. There is absolutely nothing in this world that can even come close to being as amazing as Grand Prismatic. The colors are absolutely insane. There is a hike you can do to see it from above, and I would HIGHLY recommend you do it. We didn’t, and I sincerely regret it. However, it is just as beautiful from the ground. The stunning rainbow colors actually come from heat loving bacteria whose colors vary based on the temperature. The water is constantly cycling, with the hot water rising, cooling and falling. So that’s what gives it the rainbow effect. Pretty neat right? It really is a must see in my book. While you’re there be super careful, be aware, and stay on the board walks. Don’t be like these guys.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. You can’t visit Yellowstone with a trip to it’s Grand Canyon. If you’ve seen an Instagram photo of a rushing waterfall tagged in Yellowstone, this is probably it. The most popular place to view it is at Artist’s Point, but you’ll find tons of viewing platforms to get different angles and views for your picture perfect photo.


Biscuit Basin. Biscuit Basin is easily the hottest loop in the park. (HAHAHA See what I did there? I crack myself up.) The best part about Biscuit Basin is you get a little taste of everything the park has to offer right there in one little walk. Here you’ll find colorful hot springs, smaller geysers, hiking and wildlife. My favorite? Sapphire Pool! It’s SO FREAKIN’ BLUE.


GrandLoop Road. Okay, okay. I know this is kinda cheating because this road takes you through the entire park! But literally anywhere along the road you’re gunna see this…


And who doesn’t want to Instagram a close up pic of Yellowstone’s most famous inhabitants?

You’ll also find little gems like this…


Honestly, it’s pretty tough to take a bad photo at Yellowstone, because it really is unlike any other place in this world.

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Alright my loves. It has been another crazy day in my world, and your girl is ready for a nice, long, nap.

Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday!


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