Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday Morning my loves! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. So far so good here… I’m dressed for work but still in my slippers and sippin’ on my breakfast smoothie. I love mornings when I get ready weirdly quickly and end up with extra time to lounge around. Especially on Mondays. It feels like a less chaotic start to my week.

And while I’l in a pretty great mood this morning, I’m still sad that the work week has started and the weekend is over. We had big plans for the weekend… and the rain totally drenched them. Boo.

But that’s okay. We still got some things accomplished and we moved our projects to next weekend. Which works out better for us since my parents will be here! More helping hands 🙂

Our weekend started out Friday when I got home from work. It was nice to open after two weeks of closing on Fridays! It felt like I got home sooooo early even though it was only an extra hour! We had planned to go out to eat but our governor asked Michiganders to stay out of restaurants for two weeks to help try to stop the spread of Covid. And since we live in a hot spot for the virus right now, we felt it best to order in.

While Trev went to pick up our dinner, I unrolled our latest Amazon delivery… a new area rug for our living room! I loved our last rug so much, but unfortunately it did not work out for such a high traffic area. No only had Trev spilled food on it, but Jackson also hacked up hair balls on it multiple times and it was practically impossible to clean because of all the fringe. So I decided to replace it. I chose a rug that is stain proof, patterned and has a bit of color! It’s different, but I really love it! Now I need to replace my throw pillows because my pretty black and white ones don’t match 🤦🏽‍♀️

Big fan of the new rug haha

We spent the rest of the evening picking out a stain color for a backyard project we’re working on, re-watching Letterkenny and reading. (I’m half way through Red, White and Royal Blue and I love it SO much!)

Saturday I woke up to iced coffee and a chocolate croissant from a local bakery! Trev picked it up for me on his way home from his run. Isn’t he the best? After we ate our treats we got ready to get out and do some errands! We had to return some pants to Old Navy, grab a few things at Target, and head to Home Depot for yard supplies! EVERYTHING was on sale while we were there. We couldn’t believe how cheap we got our mulch and top soil for!

While we couldn’t work on our original plans for the weekend, we ended up getting our lawn prepped for for the Spring before the rain rolled in. We raked, weeded and fertilized the front yard. I also potted my two new rosemary plants in my front porch planters! (I can’t wait to show you them. I did a DIY that turned out SO pretty!) We finished just as the first few rain drops started to fall!

Saturday night we ordered pizza, drew up some plans for our backyard and finally watched the movie Knives Out. (We loved it, and I felt super cool cuz I solved the mystery!) We were exhausted from working in the yard all day so we turned in early.

We had hoped to get started on the backyard on Sunday but it was cold and rainy again. Trev worked in the garage staining one of the projects he’s finishing up for me, while I worked on the housework inside. Everything I touched turned into a bigger mess than it should have and it took me all dang day to get the house semi clean. At 4:00 I finally gave up and settled in with my book to read.

We ended our weekend folding laundry and prepping for the week.

It’s supposed to be another rainy day here today. Which I’m fine with. It can rain all it wants but it really needs to stop by Wednesday so we can dry out before the weekend. I need no rain this weekend!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off the day. I’ll be back tomorrow. I hope you all have the best start to your week!


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