Amazon Favorites: March 2021

Hey Loves! Happy Thursday! The weekend is soooo close I can practically taste it. We’re spending our weekend at home and working in our backyard and I seriously can’t wait! We’ve got some plans to turn it into a place we want to be in all summer long. It’s our goal to spend more time outside than in this year. But making a place that we love isn’t a quick and easy process. So we’re getting started early! That way, by the time summer rolls around all we have to do is relax on our patio and sip some fruity drinks 🙂

Today, I’m starting a new monthly series on my blog! One that I’m really excited about. If I learned anything about myself over the past year, it’s that I spend too much money on Amazon. It’s just so easy to shop! I also learned, that I am not the only one that has this problem. So I figured, why not share the top 5 things I buy each month, that I love the most, with all of you!

So, without further ado, since we all spend too much money on Amazon… let me make your spending worth while! Here are 5 of my favorite things I bought on Amazon this month! 

Airpod Dupes

Okay. You know I love Apple products. There isn’t much that has that iconic Apple logo on that I won’t drop a ton of money on because I know that their products are superior to anything else I can get. However, I will never buy a pair of Airpods. Not because they aren’t great or whatever, simply because I can’t go a day without losing anything. And tiny little headphones that cost $200 seem like the worst thing I could purchase for myself. They’d be gone within seconds! So instead, I found myself a little dupe. That only cost me $24 and I won’t feel bad when one falls out of my ear or I set it down and it gets lost in the universe. These iLuv wireless earbuds are amazing! The sound quality is great and they do exactly what I need them to do. Don’t believe me? See what the other 24,000 people on Amazon have to say with their 5 star reviews!

Weighted Hula Hoop

In the latest segment of Tiktok made me buy it we’ve got a weighted hula hoop. I saw all these girls losing inches off their waist by hula hooping for 20 minutes a day and I was like NEED. So I went on Amazon and found one that was in stock. I couldn’t wait for it to get here! I added 20 minutes of hula hooping to my workout routine and I’ve loved doing it every day! I catch up on YouTube videos while I hula hoop. It hurt so bad the first few days, and I had bruises all over my waist. BUT I powered through and now it’s easy peasy! I should have probably measure my waist to see if I’ve lost any inches but I didn’t. I like doing it, it’s a nice cool down-ish kind of exercise and at least I’m moving instead of sitting on the couch. This hula hoop gets a 5/5 stars from me!

Patio Cushion Bag

One thing that we bought this year is cushions for our patio furniture! We bought this set from Ikea last year and LOVE it, but we didn’t get the cushions. (It was going to take an extra 3 months for it to be delivered.) So we bought the cushions this year and needed a place to store them. We wanted something that we could throw in the rafters of our garage through the winter and this bag is PERFECT! It’s way bigger than I thought it would be and fits all our cushions with a little room to spare. They made a larger size too if you have bigger cushions! Highly recommend this bag!

Airtight Storage

I went through a phase last month of wanting everything organized in my house including my pantry. I haven’t quite gotten to that yet, but I did get the supplies I needed to make it happen! We got a set of Oxo Good Grips for our wedding and love them, but we needed more. I had them in my cart when I saw these for half the price. I decided to try them instead and they are fantastic! They don’t look very different from our Oxo’s and they get the job done.


We needed new pillows so I decided to grab these ones from Amazon. They are incredible! They have almost 100,000 5 star ratings. That’s how good these are! They sell out pretty quickly so I def recommend grabbing them when you see them in stock. I will be repurchasing when we need new pillows again!

Do you shop on Amazon a lot too?! What are your favorite things you bought last month?!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off for the weekend! I’ll be back on Monday. I hope you all enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation 🙂


*Photo found on Google 🙂

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