1 Dress, 4 Costumes! The Perfect Last Minute Costume Ideas This Halloween.

Today is October 22nd. Let that sink in for just a second. Doesn’t it seem like it was just October 1st? Seriously. I blinked and the month is already over! To be fair, I blinked and this whole year was almost over but also it went really slow? Thanks for that covid.

The end of October means one thing and one thing only the start of Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark Channel Halloween! We’re just over one week away from the spookiest day of the year,. and if you’re like me and waited to plan your costume, you’re probably about to hit the panic button.

I know the biggest question running through my head is do I even need a costume this year? Trick or Treating is canceled. Bars aren’t really open. Halloween parties are pretty much a no-no here in Michigan. So is there a point? That’s when I decided that I REFUSE to let the coronavirus cancel Halloween, and I will dress up even if it’s just to stand in my kitchen and eat Halloween candy alone.

But, because I know the only people seeing my costume this year will be the kids at work and my husband, I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on it. Enter this little beauty from Amazon prime!

This dress fits TTS! I bought a small.

With a fairly simple black dress, the possibilities are endless! Add a few accessories you probably have laying and you can pretty much be anything you want to be.

Check out these four easy costumes that you can pull off just in the nick of time below! (I will link exact items as I can!)

Wednesday Adams

I guess we might as well start with the most obvious! I’ve always wanted to be my girl, Wednesday Adams for Halloween! I love this outfits because I had everything I need in my closet. I threw on black tights and combat boots, braided my hair and called it good! Easy, comfortable, and cute!

A Witch

I decided to take on another Halloween classic… a witch! I wore the same black tights and combat boots as I did for Wednesday. I threw my hair in a side braid and added an old witches hat I pulled out of my costume box. And viola! A cute and friendly witch! OH! But if you want to be a little more sinister, you could look exactly like a Weird Sister from Sabrina on Netflix! Seriously, take off the witch hat, braid your hair and throw on some black lipstick and you’re good to go!


Pay hommage to everyone’s favorite Supreme Court Justice this year and go as RBG. I planned this last minute and didn’t have a real gavel so please enjoy my hand drawn one out of an Amazon box top 😂 All you need to be RBG is some black glass frames, dangly earrings (I forgot to change mine for this photo) and a pretty collar! If I had a lace doily on hand, I would have used that to complete my collar, but I didn’t. So I used an old hankie which worked just fine! Add in a fierce attitude and you’ve got RBG written all over you.

Audrey Hepburn

A black dress costume wouldn’t be complete with the lovely Audrey Hepburn. I tucked my collar added some oversized pearls and large sunglasses and boom. Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?

Is your start still kinda shut down? Or will you be heading out for Halloween celebrations this year? If you are, click here for more last minute Halloween ideas!

So my friends, what are you going to be for Halloween?! Any other last minute costume ideas? Leave ’em in the comments below!

Alright my loves I’m off to get through two more days of work before the weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday!


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