What up, what up my loves? I’m back today with another #WhatUpWednesday! It’s been SO LONG since I’ve gotten one of these posted. So get ready… there is A LOT that’s up in my life! 

What I’m Watching

Emily in Paris! Okay… to be fair I watched this the day after it came out. And I watched the ENTIRE thing in a day. It was SO good. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s the perfect little vacation from real life. 

What I’m Buying 

Ice cream! Have you seen my newest collab with Hudsonville Ice Cream? Their new limited edition flavor is THE BOMB. You gotta try it. Check it out here

What I’m Playing

We are officially obsessed with Monopoly Deal! During quarantine we did a lot of puzzles and played a lot of games. We really loved spending this time together, but during the week we simply don’t have time to play a full on game of Monopoly. So while scrolling Amazon for card games for our Wednesday Night Cooking and Game night, I found Monopoly Deal. And I’m SO glad I did! It can be won in literally 15 minutes. It’s addicting and I think if you like normal Monopoly you will love this! Oh. And it’s less than $5. Get it here.

What I’m Reading

Okay, so I’m not reading it yet, but I will be this weekend… the new Elin Hilderbrand book! I know her Winter in Paradise series has gotten some mixed reviews but I have LOVED it. While I miss the Nantucket setting all her other books have, I really love the lives and the stories she’s created for her set of characters in the Virgin Islands. I also like that it’s kind of a murder mystery. I’ve been dying to find out what happens since last October! If you’re looking for a bit of an escape from reality in book for, head to the Virgin Islands with me and my girl Elin. Grab the first book in the series here, the second book in the series here, and the newest book here

What I’m Eating

We’ve been eating SO many yummy “fall” things lately. We’ve been cooking out of cookbooks, off blogs, and of course off of Pinterest. I’m all about the soups, pasta bakes, cookies and breads! Yummm. We’ve also been enjoying our fair share of Halloween candy 🙂

What I Just Learned

I was today years old when I learned that the dinosaur on the no internet page is actually a game. The kids at work taught me that and my mind was BLOWN.

What Else Is New

Not much! I’ve got a fun Halloween post for you tomorrow and I’m looking forward to the weekend. That’s about it!

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?!

Alright guys. I’m outie! (Do we still say that in 2020? No? Am I old?) The oven just buzzed and I’ve got Joanna Gaines’ Chicken Spaghetti waiting for me! YUM. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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