THe DOllar Tree DIY You HAVE To Try This Fall!

Hi Loves! Happy, happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend… yayyyy! This week has felt SO long, and I can’t wait to spend the weekend at home relaxing with Trev!

I have such a fun post to share with you all today! I had planned to share my Fall Home Tour, but you’re going to see that next week instead. (It’s been taking me so long to link everything!) Today, you’re getting a Fall DIY that I’m SO proud of!

I haven’t put many DIYs in my home lately. I try really really hard to only do DIYs that don’t look like a DIY. Does that make sense? I love to do crafts, but then I never like how they look with the rest of my decor… I’m just not as talented as some people with their crafts. (Like my Aunt who made me the most amazing crochet pumpkins last year that make my decor look extra cozy!) But this DIY? Looks like I bought it at the store. I still can’t believe I made it! In fact, I was inside working on it last weekend and styled it as soon as it was done. When Trev came in I asked what he thought of my DIY and he honestly didn’t know what I made.

I made this super cute coffee table basket for, wait for it… $6!!!

Doesn’t it look SO good?! I had seen baskets super similar to this at all my favorite decor stores, but just couldn’t see spending $20 on something that my cat was just going to chew on and ruin. That’s when I decided, why not try to DIY it? I’m so happy I did!

So, are you looking for a little something that will take your fall decor to the next level? Then take a trip to the Dollar Tree and pick out your favorite fall movie. It’s time to DIY!

Shopping List

  • Dollar Tree Nautical Rope (I bought 7 packs, and only used 5. The bigger you want your basket, the more you’ll need!)
  • Hot Glue Sticks (I have these at home! But you can also buy these at Dollar Tree!)

So, this is SO EASY I feel a little weird making an entire post about it. You simply put some glue on the end and start rolling your rope, adding little dots of glue as you go!

Here’s my hand on the bottom for reference!

Once you have the bottom the size you want (I used four ropes to make the bottom) you can start making the sides. I glued the end of the last rope I used for the bottom to the top to start my basket.

When the basket is the perfect height (I used two ropes to make the sides), use an extra dab of glue to secure it in place. Then, cut two small pieces of rope and glue them on the sides to create the handles. (I used my handle to hide where the extra glue was from the ending of my basket on the side.)

And BOOM, your basket is complete! So easy, right?!

A few things I learned while doing this…

  1. Use a lot of glue on the end when you first start! Then, small dots are all you need! (Plus you’ll never see this area of the basket, so it’s okay if you have a big dab of glue!)
  2. Put the dot of glue towards the bottom side of the rope. You know how hot glue kind of smooshes (using very technical words today) out? You will see it pop out the top if you put it on the middle of your rope. I put it towards the side that would be the bottom of my basket so that it didn’t ruin the look of my basket. You can see all the glue on the bottom, but no one looks under the basket 🙂
  3. This takes a lot of patience! I highly recommend choosing a Fall movie (I picked Halloweentown) and grabbing some coffee while you work. It took me about 2 hours to complete. It’s not hard, just time consuming!
  4. You can use a pizza pan to help guide you! I just did it blindly, but if you want a guide, try making your basket on a small pizza pan! It will help you with the size of your basket!
  5. Remember… the smaller amounts of glue the better!

So, do you think you’ll try this simple DIY this fall? I love how it turned out so much! My basket is the perfect size to hide our TV removes among a pumpkin, book and some other Fall decor. The best thing about this DIY? I can use it ALL YEAR LONG! Yay!

Alright my loves, I am signing off for the weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday! Have the best weekend. I hope it’s full of Fall Fun… and a DIY or two 😉


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