Let’s Get Cozy (Fall 2020 Home Tour!)

Hi Friends! Happy First Day of Fall!!! I’m celebrating with my Fall candles lit, warm apple cider and my 2020 Fall Home tour!

Today we’re talking about my all time favorite word… COZY. I love everything that cozy is and stands for. Just hearing the word cozy has me envisioning my favorite blanket, a roaring fire, a cup of steaming cider, my family, and happy memories at my parents and grandparents homes. Every year as the weather starts to get colder, my desire to turn my surroundings into the ultimate cozy space grows.

When we first moved into our home, I told Trevor I wanted it to feel cozy all year… not just at the holidays. I worked hard to choose colors that I felt created cozy vibes, and create spaces that made me want to do nothing but curl up and snuggle. And now, that the weather has officially dropped below 70 degrees, there is nothing I want more than to create a cozy vibe for everyone that steps into our home this Fall.

Last year, we were still in the process of remodeling out home. So I took out all the Fall decor I had collected over the years and threw it every where I possibly could. I liked that our home felt festive and cozy, but I just didn’t love my decor. I made mental notes of the things I loved last year, and the things I wanted to change. And I can happily say that this year… I love my Fall decor!

I tried really hard to find new pieces that felt old, old pieces that felt nostalgic, and colors that literally screamed cozy the second you set your eyes on them. Using a mix of old and new decor and special pieces passed down from family members, we’ve managed to create the coziest space for us to enjoy this Fall.

So today, I’m opening my doors to you! Come on in and check out our Fall 2020 decor. If you were here in person, I’d give you a big hug, hand you an apple cider whiskey slush (it’s my new favorite thing… you’re getting a recipe on Thursday!), and make you watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown with me!

I hope my decor inspires you to create some cozy vibes in your own home! Or least to want to drink some cider and go leaf peeping!

Let’s start off in our entryway! In a completely uncharacteristic choice for me, I decided less is more in our entryway this year. I have finally gotten to decorate our porch for Fall and didn’t want it to feel like too much right off the bat as you walk into our home. (I’ll be sharing our porch later, after I make a trip to the pumpkin farm!) You’ll see that most of our decor has stayed the same, with the exception of this STUNNING vase filled with dried eucalyptus! I picked up the textured vase this year at Joann’s. It’s huge and just as pretty in person as it is in photos! I fell in love with it online and snagged it when it was 60% off. I filled it with this dried eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby. It smells SO GOOD. Seriously. Every time I walk by I stop to smell it… Trev too! I loved it so much that I actually picked up a second bundle of it this weekend while I was at Hobby Lobby and it was the last one. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet… but I’m happy to have it when I need it! I also switched out my usual Hearth and Hand tin candle with this cutie from the Target Dollar Spot this year.

Now, let’s head to the living room! Typically, I don’t put a lot of decor in our living room. This is because there isn’t much space that we don’t use all the time. But this year, I had a new shelf to decorate! I was so excited! Trev made me this shelf earlier this year, because I felt like the corner above our giant chair felt too bare. I love that I get to use it now to add extra special touches of holiday decor now!

I decided to keep this shelf simple, with a few of my favorite framed photos alongside some amber glass and fall foliage! My large amber glass vase was from the Target Dollar Spot last year, but this one is really similar. My golden Aspen stems are from Joanna Gaines’ Fall collection at Target and I love them SO much! I bought them in all the sizes to use throughout my house and I’m so happy I did. My frames are all these frames from Michael’s. (They are the same frames I use throughout my entire house… and they are on sale right now!) The fabric pumpkin is from Target Dollar Spot, and the wood wick candle was an amazing Dollar General find! (I can’t find my exact one on their website, but this one is the same container, just a different label!)

I dug this small bud vase out of my decor stash and I honestly can’t remember where it’s from. If I had to guess, I’d say Target Dollar Spot… which coincidentally is where the small amber candle is from, this year! The cute little pick is from Joann’s, but I can’t seem to find it on their website. I bought a bunch of them to use all over the house because when I got them on sale, they were less than $1 a piece!

Next year, I’m hoping to switch the photos out for Fall photos! That was my plan this year, because we were supposed to go on a Fall getaway. But Covid-19 kinda ruined that!

On our giant chair I threw a super old pillow from Michaels and this $10 blanket from Target last year! I saw this blanket again at my store a few weeks ago, but I don’t see it online yet. Keep your eyes out for it, it’s super soft and a great deal!

Told ya we’d be watching Halloweentown 😏 We stream it on Disney+ but I also own the DVDs! You can also see my pretty DIY I made this year. I talked all about it last week. Check it out closer here!

I cozied up the couch with the same pillows and blankets as last year. I bought them last Fall and love them just as much now as I did then! The pillows were all from Marshall’s and the blanket is another Target find! Pretty much every color is sold out online, but i’m sure you can find it in your stores!

The couch is Jacksy Cat’s favorite spot.

Now, let’s move into dining room! This is one of my favorite views of our house! I love that you can see into our cozy den for our eat-in kitchen. (I like to call it my dining room though… it feels fancier!)

On my table I have this small runner from the Target Dollar Spot last year. I love this runner so much! It’s technically too small for my table, but I actually really love the way it looks. My centerpiece is from Kirklands last year. It’s so pretty! It was expensive, but worth the money. They don’t have it again this year, but they do have this one that’s really similar! (And also way less than mine was last year!)

I don’t keep much decor in my kitchen. I don’t change up my shelves because I love my cutting boards and the framed copy of my grandma’s bread recipe. However, I did add a new addition to my kitchen this weekend! I offhandedly mentioned to Trev that I wanted a cookbook stand for our Wednesday night date nights. (During quarantine we started making a recipe out of a cookbook and listening to the new episode of Office Ladies every Wednesday. It quickly became my favorite part of my week and we’ve kept it up now that we’re both back at work!) A few hour later, he came inside from the garage with the most beautiful cookbook stand for me! I instantly decorated it for fall, but it’s super functional too!

The cookbook is a vintage cookbook from Jackson Hole, Wyoming! I have it opened to the pumpkin bars page because I thought it was festive 🙂 The gather beads were from Hobby Lobby last year, but I think I saw them in a shop with me on YouTube this year too! My mug is from Hobby Lobby (excuse the dripping coffee… I snapped this photo just after I made a fresh cup!) and currently I’m burning Pumpkin Pecan Waffles! I also have this in my wallflowers for a few more days. At the end of September, I make the switch to Caramel Pumpkin Swirl!

And now, on to the den!

I loved how my fireplace looked so much last Christmas, that I decided I wanted to do something similar for Fall. I used the same candlesticks but switched up the actual candles! My candles are these from Joann’s. My sign was actually part of the Spring collection from Hobby Lobby. I got it at 70% off and almost couldn’t believe it! It’s so perfect for Fall in my opinion. My garland is this one from Target! It matches the stems that I showed off earlier.

The pretty pillows and throw you see are also new! My pillows are from Target this year (JoJo killed it!) and they are SO pretty in person! I’m so happy I bought them. They are amazing quality and super soft and just look so perfect in our den. The throw is from Joann’s! I picked it up when it was on sale for $10. It doesn’t look like the picture online, but I was actually okay with that. The brown has a reddish undertone that matches with our pillows perfectly.

On our table is the cutest little tray that I found at Dollar General! Can you believe it was only $5?! I’ve styled it with a few random things I pulled out of my Fall decor box, like a Target Dollar Spot pumpkin, so old floral picks and new ones from Joann’s, a vintage book, and a wooden tic tac toe board that Trev’s late grandpa made.

Next up are our builtins! I’m not going to show close ups of both sides, because I didn’t change the left side at all! With the exception of adding a few pumpkins in, I kept the decor the exact same. This side holds a lot of sentimental pieces, like the beach glass artwork my dad made me, a vase from Nantucket and trinkets I’ve picked up while traveling.

However, the right side was revamped to allow extra space for some of my favorite fall decor! The vases at the top were all handmade by Trev’s late grandpa. I never had the chance to meet him, but I know one thing is for sure. He was an incredible wood worker! A few other noteable pieces? My basket of Dollar Spot pumpkins that I buy every year because I need “just one more” and my galvanized pumpkin that my mom bought for me years ago!

My basket is filled with plaid blankets, blanket scarves and faux pumpkins. The pumpkins are from Walmart, and the blankets/scarves are from all over the place. My letterboard is from Target a few years back, and the small candle and pumpkin are both from the Dollar Spot.

Andddd my favorite new piece of decor I bought this year is this tin bucket from Michael’s! I thought it looked so vintage, and it matches my decor colors perfectly!

I still don’t love how my shelves look and will probably change them 100 times before Thanksgiving rolls around. But for now, I think they look okay.

And last, but certainly not least, I switched out the greenery next to our record player for some faux pampas grass. I also put away my beloved, pink, T-Swift Lover vinyl for something that feels a little more fall… The Best of Johnny Cash! (Does old school country give anyone else Fall vibes? Or is that just me?)

Ugh. I wish I could have you all over for real-skees. Maybe next year…

How have you decorated for Fall?! Are you decorating in a certain style or theme? Or are you like me and just throwing memories anywhere and everywhere along with some leaves and lots of pumpkins? Do you skip decorating for Fall all together? Or go all out for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below! I’m nosey 🙂

Have the best rest of your Tuesday my loves! I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me, so fingers crossed I actually get my posts up for you!

I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow!


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