Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For Her

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! It’s almost December, which means it’s almost officially Christmastime! This year, I’m brining your FOUR gift guides BEFORE Black Friday, so (fingers crossed) you’ll have more time to shop this year!

Everyone knows that December, while being one of the greatest months of the year, can also easily become the most stressful. Money seems to be vanishing out of your bank account, you have to adult when all you want to do is watch Christmas movies, and the pressure of buying a perfect gift is so dang stressful you feel like Britney circa 2007. Don’t worry. I totally get it. I’m here to save you from breaking out into a Clark Griswold type speech by bringing your gift guides for every single person on your list this week!

As always… ladies first. And with most gifts under $50, I pinky promise you’ll find something in your budget every lady in your life will love!

The “Fashionista” Gift

SAME GIFT THREE YEARS RUNNING. Over the knee boots are still What’s Up, and luckily, more affordable brands are popping out really great dupes for the Stuart Weitzman boots that fashion lover in your life is sure to be coveting. A few years ago, I found the perfect dupe at Target, and they came out with a new version last year, and an even newer version year. And this years version isn’t sold out just quite yet! This almost exact dupe can be found here! You can also find a few dupes on Amazon. These are my favorite!

 Either way, this gift will be a hit. I love them because they make my legs look SO LONG AND SKINNY. And for less than $45 they most certainly fit into your Holiday Budget! And if your budget is slightly bigger (and by slightly I mean much much much much bigger) get her the real deal Stuart Weitzman and you’ll officially win Christmas.

The “Fool Proof” Gift

Nothing makes a girl happier than a little bit of nostalgia. Play into your favorite ladies happiest childhood memories and get her a year’s subscription to Disney+. I don’t care who you are, there is something for everyone on Disney+! Let her relive her middle school years by binging Lizzie McGuire, and make the present even more personal by grabbing some hot chocolate and popcorn and watching along with her. OH! And don’t forget to be super excited when she tells you ALL about Lizzie coming back in 2020 and that GORDO WILL BE THERE TOO.

The “Lux” Gift

Have you ever wanted to give someone a really luxurious gift, but your wallet is just not having any of it?! This is literally me all the time. I want to buy the people in my life the very best, top quality gifts that I would legit die to own but can’t afford. And if I can’t afford them for myself throughout the year, chances are, I can’t shell outs hundreds and hundreds of dollars on every person on my Christmas list either. However, I’ve found a way to give the littlest luxuries to the ladies in my life without breaking the bank in the slightest. Top luxury brands like YSL, Dior, Christian Louboutin and Chanel all make really great beauty products! And as a double bonus, these brands usually have great beauty gift sets out for the holidays too! Not only do I love the makeup gift sets, but I love the perfume gift sets too! (Not sure what kind of perfume you should be buying? Check out this post I did with FragrenceX for a few ideas! Another way to give a lux gift? A Jo Malone candle. It might not look like much… BUT any lover of luxurious things will know just how much that tiny candle cost you, and be incredibly excited and grateful.

The “Beauty Guru” Gift

Beauty gifts are SO hard to buy. Every beauty queen has her favorite products, and if you don’t ask her exactly what she loves, your chances of guessing correctly are one in a zillion. So, go against the grain, and buy a Sephora gift card. I know… most people say gift cards are an afterthought gift that you put zero time into. However, any make up lover would be THRILLED with a gift card to their favorite store. Grab a Sephora gift card by clicking here! However, if you’re going to buy a gift card, you may want to wait until after Black Friday! Usually, you’ll find a gift card that comes with a free gift pouch. And last year, gift cards over $50 came with a complimentary 45 minute makeover with one of the beauty advisors. However, if you really want to buy them something to open, choose any of the fun holiday gift sets you’ll find in the store! OR check out this super fun Gift Finder from Sephora to help you narrow down your options!

The “Traveler” Gift

For the lady with a constant sense of Wanderlust, the best gift is OF COURSE a trip to somewhere special. And if a trip is in your budget, get to helping them plan their dream vacation. However, if you just can’t swing a trip for someone else (let’s be honest, that’s 98% of us!) a Weekender Bag filled with travel magazines will be the very next best thing. There is nothing I love more than a good bag for travel, and this one from Target is not only super pretty, but super functional too. I also love this one from Sole Society! It’s a little bit pricer, BUT I know for a fact these bags usually go sale when Black Friday rolls around. I bought a similar one last year and I love it. It’s great quality and so stylish!

The “Mom” Gift

Moms are the hardest people to buy for… especially when they deserve the world and all you can afford is a candle. But let me tell you a secret… all your mom really wants is for you to spend some time with her. So plan a date with your Momma and I promise, it will be her most favorite gift ever. Do you still want to buy her a little something? Make her a calendar from Shutterfly! This is my go to gift every year for my mom. So much so that she expects it and looks forward to it. I use pictures from a vacation we took or something we did that year, and personalize it with birthdays, anniversaries and other dates that are important to her. I usually get my mom the Wall Calendar, but they have tons of different designs and styles!

The “Bestie” Gift

Give your bestie everything she needs for a cozy night in! These PJs from Target are SO SOFT and these ones are so pretty!! Pair them with these $5 slippers, this mug, and some specialty coffee for the perfect gift for your bestie!

The “Cozy” Gift

I’ve talked about these blankets from Sam’s Club a zillion times, and I will talk about them a zillion more because they are the best blankets ever! They’re also super soft, and only $14!!!! If you’re a Sam’s Club member, grab it here! Or maybe grab three… because everyone in the house is going to fight over it!

The “Thoughtful” Gift

The thought of buying a gift that is thoughtful is SO stressful, am I right? Well, stress no more. Head over to Shutterfly and customize a gift (you can customize with or without photos now!) and find something that speaks to you for the ladies in your life. Is your BFF a Fur Momma? Get something from their entirely new Pet Section! Does your Mom love wine? Make her a pretty wine glass. Not sure what to get your sweet little niece or nephew? Find something out of their brand new Kids Section! I promise. You’ll find something for everyone at Shutterfly and whatever you choose will be loved and cherished. 

Please remember… every girl is different and I’m not trying to say that every single person on the planet would want these things. So be sure to keep in mind the person you are buying for… because let’s be real, a lot of girls would much rather have a pair of really awesome sneakers than over the knee boots! 

What are you buying that special lady in your life? I’m so excited with the gifts we’ve picked out this year! I wish I could tell you about them… but I know most of the ladies in my life are reading this right now  And I’m not about to ruin the surprise!

Alright my loves, I hope you’re having the BEST Saturday! Be on the lookout for one more gift guide this weekend! Happy Shopping!


*This post contains some affiliate links.

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