Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For Him

Happy Sunday my loves! Today, I’m sharing one of the most requested gift guides on this blog! It seems I’m not the only girl that has a really hard time buying for the men in my life. Like seriously. They are SO MUCH HARDER to buy for! I honestly second guess most of the gifts I buy for guys, and sometimes, I totally give up and just give them a bottle of their favorite alcohol (which is so lame) and I know I’m not the only one. So, step out of the liquor isle, and into the light that is my Gift Guide for Him. I promise, these are all things the dudes you know will love!! How do I know? Because I made Trevor help me with this one! 

The “Stylish but Practical” Gift

If there is one thing I know about dudes, it’s that they want to look good, but they totally want whatever they’re wearing to be practical. This year, that gift comes from your local Target! Thanks Goodfellow & Co for giving us Nordstrom quality on a Target budget! We bought this one for Trev to wear for Thanksgiving this year, and he LOVES it! I have no doubt, any man in your life would love it too!

The “Outdoorsy” Gift

For the outdoor lover, get something that will be useful on all their big adventures! The Stansport Survival Knife Kit has everything they need to keep them alive while they wander the woods hiking, hunting or camping. Another great option? A simple pocket knife like this one. Trev loves his pocket knifes for some reason, and always has them with him. Must be a guy thing??

The “Fool Proof” Gift

Okay… this gift is probably only 90% fool proof. But I’d say, it’s pretty dang good odds that most men in your life would love a Bose. Trevor literally uses ours everyday whether he’s jamming out in the shower, or listening to a podcast while cleaning up the kitchen. The Bose SoundLinks are amazing because you get the Bose name, without the typical Bose sticker price. It’s small, so it’s easy to move around, and the sound quality is insane. I’m not kidding when I say we use it all the time! And whoever you decide to buy it for will too! Grab their newest micro version here

The “Dapper” Gift 

One of the hardest men to buy for is the Dapper man. You know, the one who always looks better than you and drinks fancy whiskey? (We all know this man, trust me.) This year, grab the Dapper Dude in your life a few glasses that he can toast to his favorite city with. These Urban Map Glasses are the perfect addition to any bar/bar cart this dude surely has in his home. Add this book and a bottle of his favorite whiskey and you’ll have a gift that will make him all warm and fuzzy inside. (Or maybe that will just be the alcohol 😏)

The “Gym Goer” Gift

This year, give the gym goer in your life the gift of recovery and massage. Foam rolling is kind of like self massaging your muscles after a hard workout. (Which every gym goer knows is so important!!) A foam roller is probably on most Gym Goers lists if they don’t have one, and this Mobility Pack from Trigger Point takes foam rolling to the next level. It comes with both their classic hallow core foam roller and their MB1 Massage Ball! Plus a strap to make it easy to carry on the go. They also have a ton of other products that you can look through too!

The “Professional” Gift

The modern professional man always has his iPhone dinging with calls, texts, emails and important calendar updates. But, I bet if you walk into their office, you’ll find random notes written all over with reminders or notes from throughout his day. Last year, I suggested giving this guy a really nice leather bound notebook. We loved this one because it looks classy AF, but also shared more affordable choices on Amazon like this one and this one! I still LOVE this gift, and think it’s such a good idea! However, I wanted to give you a new idea too 🙂 Get him a bag that he can carry all of his stuff in to and from the office! We love this one from Target. Trev owns it for when he goes to conferences and can attest that it really does hold everything he needs plus a few things he doesn’t (like snacks!).

The “Kid At Heart” Gift

Games make any Kid At Heart’s heart sore. But this game? This game will make any guy in your life smile! Up their next party with Beeropoly! Your Grown Up Kid not a drinker? Click here to find unique games that they will love.

The “Traveler” Gift

For the travel lover in your life, get them something to document their travel with. If they already own a GoPro, this mount is going to help them capture their travels perfectly! This official GoPro mount can be used as a Grip, Tripod or an Arm. We own this and think it’s the 🙂

The “Dad” Gift

Get your Dad a Man Crate this year! They have TONS of different crates and boxes that are suited for all different personalities! Does your dad like cocktails? Grab the Christmas Cocktail Crate. Maybe a Jerky Cane or a Jerky Ornament is more his style. They have SO MANY choices that you are guaranteed to find something perfect for your Dad this year! Click here to start your search.

What are you buying for that special dude in your life?!

Alright my loves, I’m off to do some deep cleaning and Thanksgiving prepping! I’ll be back before you know it 🙂 Have the happiest Sunday!


*This post contains some affiliate links.

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