What Up, What Up my beautiful friends?! I’m back today for another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share all the things I’m currently LOVING in my life!

What I’m Excited About

We booked my 30th Birthday Trip with my parents! I’m legit SO excited because it’s a place I’ve been obsessed with and always wanted to visit. While my birthday isn’t until September, we’re going in July because this is the perfect place for a legit perfect Summer weekend away. I’ll give you a hint… it’s an island (or two)! Any guesses?! Eeeeek! I can’t wait to get planning!

What I’m Reading 

I started a new Elin Hilderbrand book last night. Surprise, suprise! It’s not “new” but I haven’t read it yet! I’d been saving the Winter series for you know… winter. So I just opened up Winter Street! So far, it’s great! But I’m also only 10 pages in because I fell asleep reading. HAHA

What I’m Watching

The Bachelor… of course! Okay, so major SPOILERS ahead for last night’s episode and this season. So if you are one of those purists that likes to remain unspoiled, SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH! You’ve been warned 🙂 So last night, Colton had his 1 on 1 with Cassie and you can clearly see the chemistry between them. I really like Cassie, btw. And Reality Steve says she “wins”. But it’s super dramatic and she leaves the show and Colton sends the other two girls home during overnights week to chase after her and they end up “dating but not engaged.” And then it came out that she was on a reality show called Young Once. She was on it when she was younger and then spent last summer filming season two. And it’s literally all about her and her on again off again boyfriend. And guys… have you see the guy?! No wonder she can’t commit to Colton. And now, there’s more tea! He posted a big long post about her being on The Bachelor on his Instagram. He basically said they’re done and to stop being mean to her but tbh, I ship them way more than I ship her and Colton. 🤷🏻‍♀️(And now as Trevor would tell me, I’m officially in too deep and should stop caring about people I never have and never will meet. HAHA)

What I’m Still Freaking Out About

Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl! Surprise, surprise.

What Else Is Going On

No new post tomorrow! We received some more sad news about Trev’s Grandpa today so we’ll be packing up tomorrow night and getting as much done around the house as we can before heading up to Grayling on Friday after work. Please keep his Papa and his family in your thoughts and prayers… we’d really appreciate it.

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

Hopefully I’ll be back on Sunday for a Weekend Round Up! Have a great rest of you week, and a wonderful weekend everyone!


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