Jim Thorpe: The Most Charming Small Town in Pennsylvania

Hello friends! Happy Travel Tuesday! I’m over here drowning in what can only be described as a crazy day and I’m seeking the peace and serenity I felt in The Poconos.

Speaking of The Poconos (see what I did there?) we’re back today talking about THE CUTEST small town in the area! I mentioned a few of the small towns you can visit in my Poconos City Guide… but the one we’re talking about today is easily my absolute favorite!

Nestled deep in the Lehigh Gorge, you’ll find the most photogenic village in all of Pennsylvania. This village is rich in history, small town charm and scenery. Claiming the titles of “The Gateway to The Poconos” and “The Switzerland of America” here you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into Stars Hallow, gazebo and all.

I mean, imagine drinking your coffee on a street like this…

Shopping on streets that look like this…

Hoping on trains from a train station that looks like this…

And enjoying Small Town Festivals that look like this…

That would make for a pretty perfect day, am I right?

So let’s leave all your Poconos stereotypes behind…

And enter the charming town of Jim Thorpe. (Where I promise you there isn’t a heart shaped bed or tub in sight.)

Getting There. Jim Thorpe is in the heart of The Poconos. No matter where you are staying, it’s pretty centrally located. We stayed in East Stroudsburg and it only took us about 50 minutes to get there by car.

Location. Jim Thorpe is located just 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, 2 hours from New York City and less than 3 hours from Baltimore.

Where to Stay. Pick a B&B, any B&B. Seriously. Or stay at the insanely cute Inn. However, wherever you decide to stay (if you want to stay in Jim Thorpe and not just drive there for the day) be sure to book WELL in advance. This little more than doubles in population ever summer and fall when the peak foliage hits. Can’t find the right fit for you? Don’t forget about campgrounds, vacation rentals, and of course, VRBO.

Where to Eat. I feel like I can’t give you a fair opinion on where to eat while you’re here. Every place we went to had a limited Fall Foliage Festival menu and tbh, none of the food was that “outstanding”. It was just okay. I have to imagine that when the restaurants aren’t completely packed with people you’ll find some pretty amazing places to grab a bite!

What to Do. Jim Thorpe is a super walkable town. So no matter what you’re feeling, you’ll be just steps away. Wander through the adorable shops (be sure to buy some Pickles!) tour mansions, catch a concert at the Mauch Chunk Opera House, eat, or visit a museum. Also, the Lehigh Gorge Scenic railway just so happens to depart from downtown Jim Thorpe. If you want to do this trip, take this tip and RUN with it because otherwise, it will be miserable and a waste of your money. Ready for it? MAKE SURE YOU SIT ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE or else you won’t see ANYTHING. I had read this tip, and thought I was sitting on the right hand side but as it turned out, I wasn’t. While we were standing on the platform watching trains come and go they all came in from my left side, and headed out to my right side. The thing we didn’t realize is that this isn’t the route the scenic railway takes. Our train pulled up from the left side, and left the same way it came from. So when you get on the train, face the way you saw the train pull up, and sit on the right side. (This sounds confusing I know.) If you sit on this side, you’ll see everything. If you don’t, this will be your view the entire time.

Yeah. I was NOT happy.

The train doesn’t make a circle either, so it’s not like you’ll get to see it on the way back through. It just stops and then begins to head back the way it came from. So if you spend the money to do the scenic railway, be sure to sit on the correct side! And if my directions don’t make sense, ask someone.

And wherever you stay, eat, drink, play in Jim Thorpe, I guarantee you’ll leave lookin’ like this.

Because it really is one of the most charming small towns you’ll ever visit!

Have you been to Jim Thorpe? What were your favorite things about it? Next week, we’re talkin’ food! So if you like food, be sure to come back or subscribe! That way, the post will be delivered to your inbox the second it goes live ☺️

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Alright loves. I’m off to curl up with a book and a face mask and my weighted blanket. I’m ready to destress and get lost in Nantucket. (Bet you can’t guess what author I’m reading. HAHA)

Have a great Tuesday my friends! I’ll be back tomorrow!


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