How to Create the most Extraordinary Plate of Food For This Christmas Season

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re stepping into the world of Christmas. Cheery music, cozy fires, holiday cheer and parties. So. Many. Parties. Every year, holiday parties are the same. Whether a silly theme or classy AF, they are all filled with the same fundamental pieces. Holiday Spirits, friends and family, music and food. All that delicious food that totally doesn’t count towards your daily caloric intake 🙂 

Speaking of food, if there is a time to step up your Food Game, it’s the holidays. With your cooking on display for the masses, not only does it need to taste good, it needs to look pretty too. Which, if you’re anything like me, you struggle with immensely. My food always tastes great, but is seriously lacking in the presentation department. (PS… that picture is totally not mine. I’ve never made anything that pretty in my life. I found this imagine on Pinterest, of course.) 

But thanks to my friends over at Invaluable and their In Good Taste blog, my life (and yours) just got a whole lot easier! 

They say that you “eat with your eyes first”. So this holiday season, impress your guests not only with your beautiful decor and fun party atmosphere, but also with artfully plated meals.  

Follow along with this quick and easy guide to insure your food looks like Gordon Ramsey or the Master Chef Juniors cooked it. Not your cat. 

Sounds pretty easy, right?! For more in depth tips and tricks, click here, and get your plate on!

Alright my loves, I’m off to brave this icky weather and head to work. We missed out on the snow here in Detroit, but we’re getting a snowy/icy mix this AM. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fall Roundup! Have a great Monday everyone! 


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