Logan and Lancaster: Gateway to the Hocking Hills

Hi Guys! Happy Travel Tuesday! I’m just ecstatic to be writing to you today because it means I survived yesterday. Which halfway through the day I totally didn’t think was going to happen. #PreschoolTeacherProbs

But I made it out alive with only a little paint in my hair, and now I’m rested and ready to talk to you all about The Hocking Hills! If you’re sitting here wondering “What the heck are The Hocking Hills?!” That means you totally missed last week’s post. Click here to read it!

Tucked deep into the forests and valleys of South East Ohio, you’ll find the towns of Logan and Lancaster. Both very different, but perfect in their own ways. If you are planning a weekend getaway to The Hocking Hills, either of these two little towns would be a perfect place to base yourself for your trip. But how do you choose which town is best for you?

Official Visitors Center in Logan

Logan: Logan is technically Home to The Hocking Hills, and boasts the slogan “Gateway to Ohio’s Scenic Wonderland.” It’s smaller than Lancaster and it is technically a part of The Hocking Hills… which means you’re really close to anything you want to do. However, be forewarned that everything is really spread out, so you’ll need to drive wherever you go. Logan is also home to some seriously adorable cabins sprinkled all throughout the woods. If you’re looking for a picturesque, woodsy vacation, Logan is your best bet!

image1 2.JPG
Valley Zip Line, Lancaster Ohio (2014)

Lancaster: Lancaster is a little bit further away from The Hocking Hills (probably about 15 minutes) but, it’s home to Ziplining, Breweries and some really awesome restaurants. Lancaster isn’t touristy at all. You’ll find locals everywhere you go, living their daily lives. If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, Lancaster is your place. You have more options than in Logan, and it’s also slightly cheaper.

Now that you have a bit of an overview, I think it’s time to talk about some of the really awesome things about both of these places.


Where to Stay: A cozy cabin. There are literally hundreds of options. Find exactly what you’re looking for here, here or here. Just be warned… these cabins fill up really quickly. I tried to get one for us a month in advance and there weren’t any available. So if you want a cabin, be sure to plan ahead! Another great option? Sleep in a caboose. Nope you didn’t read that wrong! Remember how I said my husbands parents took us on a weekend getaway to Hocking Hills a few years ago for my birthday? My mother in law booked us a cabin through Lazy Lane Cabins. Each of their cabins is completely different. And the one she booked us? An old train car!


Where to Eat: Millstone BBQ. Hands down the greatest BBQ in the area. Their mac n cheese is fantastic, their pulled pork and brisket is exceptional and all their food comes with corn bread. I highly recommend this place for dinner! For breakfast, I’d head over to M&M Family Diner. If you can get past all the “buckeye” fanfare (and believe… it’s tough) the breakfast is fantastic! It’s the perfect little diner and you totally feel at home there. And for lunch, I’d head to a drive through liquor store called TeeJay’s. And no… not for alcohol. But for some of the yummiest deli subs on the planet.

TeeJay’s Sub! PS… if you’re like me and don’t like Miracle Whip, that’s totally what they put on their sandwiches. Get the Italian dressing instead 🙂 

What to Do: The Hocking Hills of course! Don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of posts on everything I love about The Hocking Hills these next few weeks. But if you’re looking for something that isn’t “nature”, stop by The Hocking Hills Market for a fun afternoon of shopping, the visitors center for the Salt and Pepper Museum, or head to Rock Bridge State Park.

Rock House, Hocking Hills State Park


Where to Stay: Pick a hotel, any hotel. Your favorite chain is probably in Lancaster. We booked apparently super late, and only had one option. We stayed at The Baymont Inn and Suites. It was actually a really nice little hotel. (Don’t let the outside fool you!) Our bed was comfy, it was super clean and it was really quiet. Everything I hope for in a hotel stay.

I didn’t take any pictures of our hotel room except this one. Can you find me? HAHA

Where to Eat: Roosters! If you love chicken wings, this is the place to go. If you’re from Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia or Indiana, you know why I’m recommending this chain. Their wings are way bigger than BDubs and way tastier. We love Roosters and will go every chance we get! However, it is technically a “chain” restaurant. So if you’re looking for something more unique, try Cherry Street Pub, Ale House 1890 or Roots.

The Sweet Thai Chili Wings are my fav! 

What to Do: Drink Beer. LOL. But seriously. The coolest brewery I’ve ever been to is in Lancaster, Ohio. This place is literally like going to your coolest neighbors backyard to sit on the lawn and drink their home brewed beer. I promise, I’ll talk about it later in detail… just know the name Rockmill Brewing. And don’t forget it! Other fun things? You’ll find all sorts of zip lines, museums and vineyards.

Creek at Rockmill Brewing

So where would you rather stay? My vote totally goes to Logan 🙂

Next week, we’re heading into the park and talking about a few of my absolute favorite hikes in the area!

Have a fantastic Tuesday loves! I’ll be back to chat tomorrow.


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    1. I’ve never been to Rose Lake! I actually had wanted to head there on our last trip but we ran out of time. We’re for sure planning on going next fall while we’re there! And we go to Cedar Falls every time 🙂 We’ve never seen a lot of water in the water fall, but we love the hike back!

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