Savannah Takes a “Sick” Day

Oh hey. Here I am again… with another poor excuse for why a new post isn’t up today. Y’all. I’ve been at work since early this morning and the drive home from the ballpark was THE ABSOLUTE WORST. It took me 2 hours to go 16 miles. Construction, Rush Hour Traffic and Accidents. Ahhhh the world’s most perfect combination. (Said no one ever.)

And now we’re taking care of a few things that needed to be done. #AdultStuff Trust me when I tell you, I’d much rather be sharing a fun blog post with you today.

Since you have nothing fun to read today, be sure to check out all of my posts from earlier this week, especially this fun one I worked with Shutterfly on. Or, you know, I always recommend heading over to my “Travel” tab. I promise you, every post is filled with stunning pictures! (Especially the ones from Jackson Hole and Banff!)

Andddd if you don’t feel like reading at all, PLEASE leave me a comment on your thoughts on The Bachelorette finale! (Eeeek! I’ve been dying to talk about it all week!) You guys. I just can’t even with everything that went down. Now, I’m saying I’m choosing sides or anything but I will say


What do you think? Did Rachel choose a ring over love? Personally, I totally think she did. I also think that she was super salty to Peter for no reason on ATFR. But, no matter what I think, I really do hope that Rachel and Bryan prove me wrong and live happily ever after. Because in the long run, Rachel really was a good Bachelorette and I just want her to be happy!

Also… Dat Paradise Preview. Lord have mercy.

So, I just wanted to hop on and tell you all that I hope you have the most wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughs and summer fun. I’ll be at the ballpark again, so if you’re going to be at a Tigers game, make sure you come say hi!

I’ll be back Sunday 🙂


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