The Easiest Breakfast You’ll Ever Make

Hi Guys!

So last night, Trev and I were kind of “over” the whole making dinner thing, and decided we’d whip up some Brinner. I love cooking breakfast because personally, I find it to be the easiest thing to make. And also the most delicious! And whenever I say “let’s have Brinner” Trev practically yells at me


Now, this recipe isn’t much of a recipe. Because honestly, it’s so simple. With just those two words, you can probably already figure out the recipe. But, I’m going to share exactly how I make it, because I kid you not, they taste just like the ones from Einstein Bagels.

At GVSU (Go Lakers!) we were lucky enough to have an Einstein Bros Bagels right on campus. (Blame it on Jesus, hashtag blessed.) AND we could use our meal cards there. So even when I was living at an apartment complex, I still found myself at Einsteins at least once a week, for a bagel sandwich while I caught up on studying.

Once I moved away, I found out that Einsteins wasn’t any where close to me. (Until we moved to Metro Detroit.) And I had to improvise. After many failed attempts, I’ve found the perfect combination for bagel sandwiches that taste exactly like my beloved ones from Einstein Bros.

What You’ll Need 

Bagels of your choice (we like to get Asiago bagels from our local bakery)

Sliced Cheese (I highly recommend Cheddar Jack or Cheddar)

Eggs (I use 3-4 eggs when I make two sandwiches)

Meat of Your Choice (Trev likes bacon on his, I personally just like the eggs and cheese!)


I can’t believe I’m going to write directions for this. Seriously, I’m sure you can figure it out. But if you want to know exactly how I do it, keep reading!

  1. Crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk with some milk.
  2. Plop your bagels into the toaster, and throw some butter into your pan. Let it melt on HIGH heat.
  3. Next, scramble up your eggs, but don’t chop them up completely. The more “together” they are, the easier it will be to put them on your sandwich. I kind of squish them together with my spatula until they make a “patty” type shape. Now, everyone always asks how I get perfect eggs… well this is how. I cook my egg/milk mixture on high heat for a short amount of time. You have to watch them carefully, because they can easily burn this way. But I constantly flip the eggs around for a minute or two, and they come our perfect and fluffy every dang time.
  4. Add your cheese to the bagel. I like to break my square into about three pieces and put it around the bagel so it doesn’t cover up the hole. (That’s just me though. I’m weird. I know.)
  5. Add your eggs, and meat if you choose.
  6. Put the top of your bagel on, cut in half, and serve.

So easy right?! And they are super delicious and quick.

Other breakfasts we love to make?

  • Pancakes (We always add a drop of pure vanilla from Mexico and a little bit of cinnamon.)
  • Waffles (Our favorite mix is the Krusteaz Belgian Waffle mix. We add vanilla and cinnamon to these too!)
  • Cinnamon Rolls (We don’t make them home made. We buy em. We love the Pillsbury Cinnabon ones, and the Annie’s cinnamon rolls)
  • My dad’s breakfast casserole (I’ll share the recipe with you later!)
  • Something we call “huevos rancheros” but really, it’s more like a breakfast taco. (We heat up tortillas and fill them with scrambled eggs, cheese, hash browns, bacon and salsa)
  • Andddd good old fashioned eggs and toast.

What do you love to make for breakfast?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to doing a bit of relaxing, and pushing people over at Ikea. I swear, our Ikea is always PACKED because it’s the only one in Michigan and it’s surrounding states. Like, it’s even packed on a Tuesday night. I have to get a few things for a DIY I’m going to be working on with my wedding bouquet! If it turns out, I promise I’ll share!

Oh… and a quick update on the last DIY I mentioned… it’s ALMOST done. A certain someone *cough*Trev*cough* got a few huge black smudges on the main part… so we have to get that redone before we can put it all together! So that tutorial will be coming eventually. I promise! Just not quite ready yet 🙂

Okay. I’m off to enjoy my Thursday, and you should too! Have a great weekend friends. I’ll see you on Sunday!


OH! And Happy National Pizza Day! I hope your day was filled with cheesy goodness! 🙂


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