Weekend Roundup

Guys. I swear. The weekends are getting shorter and shorter and I’m so not okay with it! It literally feels like I just locked my classroom door up on Friday afternoon and it’s already time to pack my lunch for tomorrow.

I feel ya, Jacksy Cat.

Oh well. A weekend well spent brings a week of content. Right?


Trev and I had date night on Friday. We drove into Ann Arbor to eat some of our favorite food on this planet. If you’ve never had a chapati (and if you haven’t been to AA chances are you probably haven’t) you’re seriously missing out! Our favorite place to get chapatis was a place called Cubs AC. It was this little dive bar (attached to a bowling alley called Colonial Lanes) literally steps away from Michigan’s athletic campus, and was the perfect place to stop in before or after a football game. Unfortunately, Cubs is no longer there, and now it’s called Revel and Roll. It’s big and flashy and shiny and quite literally the exact opposite of the perfect little dive it used to be. While the new place isn’t my favorite, they luckily kept on quite a few of Cub’s classic items on the new menu. So, we still go for our favorite chapati (and garden pizza!) every once in awhile.

I’d just like to mention… this is half an order! A chapati is basically a whole bunch of veggies served in a pita with chapati sauce. It’s basically the best way to eat vegetables EVER.

After dinner, my saint of a husband drove me through the middle of downtown rush hour traffic (If you’ve ever driven through Ann Arbor’s rush hour, you’ll know just what an amazing act of kindness this was!!!) to see the 2016 HGTV Urban Oasis. We got all the way over there and I couldn’t even take a picture of it because it was packed with HGTV people and a big ol’ limo out front. But I’m telling you… it was SO BEAUTIFUL. So if you want to try to beat me and win the house, you can enter here 🙂

On Saturday we got up early and headed down to spend the rest of the weekend with Trev’s parents. We went to Kapnicks and I got my apple cider slush that I raved about last Monday! Then we headed over to Tecumseh for their AppleUmpkin festival. This was my first time, and I’m not any closer to knowing what an AppleUmpkin is than I was before I went.

PS… This has been my favorite sweater this fall. I got it during the #NSale for an absolute STEAL but I’d totally still pay full price for it because it’s so soft and snuggly. You can pick it up for under $50 here.


This blanket scarf is my favorite scarf in the history of scarfs and guess what? It’s from freakin’ Target! I got it last year and wore it NON STOP and it’s found it’s way back into my fall wardrobe this year too. They’re selling it again this year in similar colors. Find it for ONLY $25 (Yup. You totally read that right) here.

Today however was the best day of my weekend because…



I’ve been waiting all season to say this! Thank god his stupid suspension is over and we can finally enjoy Patriots football the way it was meant to be. (Not that I haven’t grown to love you too, Jimmy Garoppolo!) In case you didn’t know, I’ve been the biggest Tommy fan since I was in 8th grade and saw him play in his first Super Bowl. (He won too!)

And now, we finally have some time to just lay around and relax. We’ve been super obsessed with Limitless lately. (It you’ve never seen it, head over to Netflix ASAP!) So we’re snuggling in to enjoy a mini marathon.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’ll be back tomorrow talking about one of my favorite breakfast spots in this awesome state of ours.


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