Apple Cider

Ahhh October. The most fall-y month there is. At least in Michigan… it starts to snow in November and let’s face it, the second I see snow I’m ready for Christmas. (Yeah… I’m one of these  people.)

Of all the things I love about fall, apple cider has got to be my favorite. While everyone else is riding that Pumpkin Spice train, I’m knee deep in apple cider. So I figured, why not share my favorite apple cider spots with all of you? While I haven’t been to NEARLY enough cider mills and orchards across the great Mitten State to say these are the absolute best, I can promise you they are all very solid choices.
Robinette’s Apple Haus and Winery. Grand Rapids, MI.
Okay. Robinette’s is my ALL TIME FAVORITE place for everything fall. When we lived in Grand Rapids, we headed there every October and spent the entire day there. They have a massive corn maize, pillow jumping, hay rides, apple picking and wine tasting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a perfect Fall day there? After our activities, we’d head to the Apple Haus for some amazing donuts and cider. Their cider is fresh and the perfect blend of sweet and tart. In my opinion, it really can’t be beat!
Yate’s Cider Mill. Rochester Hills, MI.
When I think of Yate’s only one word comes to mind. And that word is YUM. This cider is absolutely delicious and totally worth the drive out to the suburbs. Don’t plan to spend your entire day here, it is just the cider mill. But I promise, this cider is delicious!
Orchard Market. Manistee, MI. 
Home town has to represent, right? My favorite place to stop for some cider is at Orchard Market. While they don’t make their own ciders, they sell all of the best ciders from Northern Michigan. Plus, they have a great selection of pumpkins every October. So I HIGHLY recommend pumpkin shopping, and grabbing a slice of pie from the bakery on your way out too!
Okay… now moving on from the classic ciders to the fun kind.
Kapnick Orchards. Britton, MI. 
This orchard tops my list for one reason alone…. their Apple Cider Slushies. OH. EM. GEE. If you’ve never had one, you’re seriously missing out. I mean, two of my favorite drinks smooshed into one? They had me sold the second I saw it on the menu. I loved it so much, that I go back for more even though I’m kind of allergic to it. Yup. That good. Plus, if you head there next weekend, you’ll get to take part in their Apple Festival. They don’t have much information about it online, but last year they had hay rides, shows, carnival food and an arts and crafts fair!
Douglas Valley Winery. Manistee, MI.
I’m putting a winery on this list because their hard cider is amazing! Head out to Douglas Valley, buy a growler, and then take it to one of many beautiful picnic spots around Manistee. Their ciders are always changing based on the season. So be sure to try them all before picking one to fill your growler with!
I legit hate this picture, but seem to have buried every other photo I have from Douglas Valley and totally can’t find them. HAHA
And there ya have it. My favorite ciders of the moment. What Michigan ciders are you sipping on this fall?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Might I suggest finishing it off with a cup of warm apple cider and Dancing with the Stars?
I’ll be back tomorrow with more on our trip to Jackson Hole!

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