Weekend Round Up

Friends!! I’ve missed you! How was your week? I’m sorry I didn’t post literally at all last week… Trev and I were both adjusting to new schedules at work and honestly, I didn’t plan my time accordingly. So, I decided to not add stress to my life, and skip posting for the week. This week, I’m all caught up on life, and I’m ready to bring you daily posts back! Today, we’re starting with a Weekend Round Up 🙂

This was such a GOOD weekend for us. We didn’t really do anything special, and I didn’t take a whole lot of photos, but we got to be at home and relax a lot. Which was what I felt like we really needed. It’s crazy to think that it was our last summer weekend at home. This summer kind of flew by, but honestly, I’m ready for all things Fall! Speaking of… we started our weekend with a little Fall shopping!

I got out of work early on Friday, and so did Trev! When we got home we changed and headed out to a few shops. I’m still in search of a Rae Dunn Fall mug to add to my collection. Not like I collect a lot of Rae Dunn, I just really like her mugs to drink out of. We have two Christmas ones, two every day ones, and I’m on the hunt for a fall or Halloween one! We stopped by Marshalls and Home Goods and didn’t have any luck. However, we did find some super cute things at Michael’s, Joann’s and the Target Dollar Spot! I started decorating for Fall last weekend, and these few finishing touches were exactly what our home needed. I was so excited it!

After shopping we ordered our dinner for pick up and made our way home to our beloved couch. While we were eating we found out that the appraiser was coming by the next day. So that meant our cozy night in turned into a cleaning spree! (Don’t worry… we aren’t selling our house! Our mortgage guy recommended we refinance, on them, because the market is so good for buyers right now.) We spent the evening making our house SPARKLE. I swear, I don’t think it’s ever looked so good!

Saturday we woke up and made biscuits and gravy and lounged around for a bit before the appraiser got to our house. Once he left, we headed out to do some errands before grabbing dinner and snuggling in for the night. We decided to watch one of our favorite 2000s movies, Eurotrip, in our basement! It was fun because we have all our old furniture from our apartment down there, and it felt like a little trip back in time.

Sunday, we were up early to try to beat the rest of the world to Ikea. That didn’t work. We were there a half hour before the store opened and were still in the world’s longest line! When we finally got in, they didn’t even have what we were looking for. Ugh. We left Ikea and headed to the infinitely less busy grocery store.

Once we finished our shopping, we headed home and hung out on our patio catching up on work. Trev had some programs to write for his athletes, and I had some prep work to do for a super fun campaign we’re shooting with Hudsonville with weekend! I can’t wait to share it with you guys this September!

Sunday evening we tried a new recipe from one of my favorite YouTuber’s Bits of Bri, and then prepped ourselves for the week.

I feel like this week is going to feel extra long because I’m so looking forward to this weekend! Can you say long weekend, up north, with family?! Yayyyy!

Alright my loves, I’m off to work for the day. No post tomorrow, because I’ve got a late meeting at work. But I’ll be back on Wednesday. See you then!


One thought on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Hope the home appraisal went well. You guys haven’t owned for that long. Does your lender think that your home has gained enough value to warrant the refinance? I just bought my first house a couple of weeks ago so I won’t be refinancing for quite some time but would love to understand the process a bit better if you decide to share! 🙂


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