Weekend Roundup (Labor Day Edition!)

Well friends… it’s official. I had an inkling that it was true but was holding on to hopes that it wasn’t until last Thursday.

My Last Minute Summer Bucket List is cursed.

Seriously! I’ve been trying to get it up for THREE WEEKS now and every day I have it planned for, I end up not getting a chance to post. And since we just celebrated the last weekend of Summer here in the states, I decided to lay it to rest. #RIP

Oh well. It’s September now, so BRING ON ALL THE FALL!!!

I’m literally SO excited for all the fall things… but before I can go into total Fall mode this weekend (though I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already drank a Salted Carmel Mocha and eaten a pumpkin scone from Starbucks already) it’s time to share a little bit more about my summer with you! So, let’s get to the round up, shall we?

Our Labor Day Weekend was okay. It wasn’t everything we had hoped it would be so we were a little bummed. We felt like we haven’t really had a summer this year. With so much work going into our remodel, we spent our entire summer working both at our jobs and at home. We were hoping to have a perfect last weekend of Summer, but Trev got sick… just our luck! Haha

We still managed to have a little bit of fun though ☺️

Our weekend began late on Friday once I got out of work. By the time I got home, we packed up the car and grabbed dinner, it was already 8:00. We didn’t roll into my parents driveway until Midnight. So it was straight to bed for us!

Saturday we woke up and my dad had made the most yummy breakfast! After breakfast we headed to the Farmers Market and then to visit my grandma for her birthday!

How pretty are these flowers I got for my Grandma??
Look at these cute little guys! I call them my Grandpa’s Deer because they are always in his back yard! I love getting pictures of them from him... but this time I got to see them in person! There is another baby too… but she was camera shy!

My town had a little festival going on for Labor Day, so we spent the afternoon enjoying the events, grabbing lunch at TJs and relaxing!

The library had the Fourth of July book sale open for Labor Day and I almost peed my pants I was so excited! I needed more books for our built ins and was thrilled to get a bunch more!
Snuggled up watching a movie!

Saturday evening we watched some football, had Big Al’s for dinner and caught the most stunning sunset!!

Sunset selfies!
I mean… 😍How lucky am I to call this unreal place home? #nofilter
We also listened to the one of the concerts that was going on over at the other beach as the sunset! Here is me and my dad listening to Here Come The Mummies!

Sunday Trev was too sick to do much. So he laid at home and rested. It was our annual Low Country Boil (recipe here!!) at my grandmas, so I went to eat lunch before heading back to sit with Trev.

First sign of Fall at my grandmas!
I literally can smell the Old Bay just looking at this picture!

Trev slept the entire afternoon and evening. So my parents and I snuck out to try to catch one last sunset! It was kind of a dud… it went behind the clouds on us. But at least we had an extra pretty one the night before!

Monday morning we woke up super early to head home. I had to come into work for a few hours at noon, so we had to get moving fast! I was super sad to leave “vacation” early, but glad we beat out all the traffic!

Sleepy babes!

Today, we’re back to work, wishing for a redo on our weekend. It’s that how it works though? The weekends when you need a break to get away and recharge you end up finding yourself stressed out or sick? Or is that just our theme for the summer? Haha (If you don’t know what happened on our summer vacation to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, click here!)

In other news, IM WRITING TO YOU FROM OUR NEW COUCH! It got delivered today and it’s the coziest, most perfect couch EVER. It is so big and snuggly! Bring on the chilly Fall weather, Michigan. We’re ready for it!

I’ll take better pictures of it in a few weeks when you get another Progress Update on our home! I just couldn’t wait to share our happy news!

Alright my loves. I’m all thrown off, and totally thinking today is Monday! Can you believe that tomorrow marks the half way point to Friday? Thank goodness! I’m already ready for the weekend!

I’ll be back tomorrow for #WhatUpWednesday. I’ll see you then!


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