Weekend Round Up

Happy, happy Sunday my loves! Long time no talk, am I right? For those of you waiting for my guest post on Thursday… I’m sorry it never went up! We both worked late and didn’t feel the post was ready to go up just yet. (We’re both super picky and wanted it to be just right!) So we’ll adjust and share it later this month with you!

But let’s not dwell on the past, shall we?

We’ve had another really great weekend here in Detroit, but it’s been a busy one full of sporty things!

I worked late on Friday and Trev had a basketball game. So it was a Savannah night… which meant Culvers and friends in bed 🙂

Saturday we woke up to a massive snow storm! It’s the first snow storm we’ve gotten all winter which is INSANE by Michigan standards. We bundled up and braved the snowy weather for lunch before we headed up to UDM for the biggest game of the season. Unfortunately, out team ended up losing by just a few points. But dang, it was such a good game and we had SO much fun!

Hey Calihan Hall, let’s get better lighting please? It really kills these selfies.

It was so gross out that we decided once we got home, we weren’t leaving again. So we stopped and got our groceries quick then snuggled in at home for the rest of the night. We made our favorite frozen snacks for dinner and watched A LOT of Parks and Rec.

Today, we had to be up super early because Trev needed to be at work to warm up the girls before their shoot around. I spent the morning working on stuff for school while Trev did his thing.

When we was done we grabbed some lunch before heading back for the basketball game. Trev’s parents came up so the strength coach had a few extra cheerleaders on the sidelines 🙂

How handsome is my hubby?!

After the game we had dinner with his mom and dad before we came and snuggled in for the night. It’s so freakin’ cold outside that I’ve literally curled up under my heated blanket and haven’t moved since I sat down.

Jackson is a HUGE fan of the heated blanket too!

Now, we’re watching the Pats (I’m crossing ALL my fingers and toes they can pull this off) and I’m so dang anxious I probably won’t make it all the way through the game. HAHA

How were your weekends? I hope the weather is MUCH warmer wherever you are!

Have a fantastic last few hours of your weekend my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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