Weekend Round Up

Oh Sunday. The day that I love to hate. I love Sundays because they’re still the weekend, but HATE Sundays because it means the weekend is over. (Usually much too fast.)

We had the most amazing weekend over here in Detroit! For the first time in what feels like FOREVER we weren’t traveling for the weekend. We stayed home and enjoyed time in our own city and it was honestly the best weekend we’ve had in awhile! 

Our weekend began on Friday when I got out of work. I was the late person, so we planned a night of last minute Christmas errands at the Mall and Target and frozen pizza and a Christmas movie (I picked I’ll Be Home For Christmas!) at home on the couch. (Have y’all ever tried the DiGiorno Pizzeria Italian Meat Trio frozen pizza?! It’s so freakin’ good!) 

Saturday we were up early for Date Day!!! We have been looking forward to Saturday since AUGUST when we got our super early Stocking Stuffer gift from my parents… tickets to see Small Town Murder live! Since we knew we would be downtown for the night, we decided to make an entire day out of it and do all the fun Christmas things Detroit has to offer! 

We started our morning with Ice Skating at Campus Martius! Turns out I haven’t gotten any better since the first time I put on ice skates when I was 5. #Bejing2022

After ice skating we headed to Cadillac Lodge to cozy up for some coffee and enjoy in some games and holiday cheer with strangers. 

We also wandered through their cute little Christmas Market! 

Next up was a stop at Bucharest (our fav) for lunch before heading to UDM to see a Men’s Basketball Game. 

Luckily weight rooms have a ton of mirrors, so after the game, I set up shop and got ready in the weight room for our big night out! 

Saturday evening we headed back downtown to grab dinner before our show. We chose The Rusted Crow based on it’s proximity to The Fillmore. (It was cold, and we didn’t want to have to walk far. LOL) Our food was really good and the atmosphere was really cool, but it definitely was not our favorite place we’ve eaten in Downtown Detroit. 

We had a little bit of time before the doors opened after dinner, so we grabbed a drink at the State Bar, which is actually connected to The Fillmore. Everyone there was also going to see STM, so we loved chatting and making new friends! 

We were SO excited when it was finally time to go into The Fillmore! We ended up being the first people in the venue by accident, and the staff clapped for us as we wandered in! Hahaha It was so embarrassing yet so hilarious. 

We couldn’t believe how great our seats were! We were second row, DEAD CENTER. I was so pumped to see James and Jimmie! 

The show was absolutely FANTASTIC. We laughed, we cringed and we had the best time! After the show we got to meet James and Jimmie and they were SO nice! They both gave me the biggest hug and took a few minutes to chat. They also signed a poster for Trev. 

I’ve talked a million times about the Small Town Murder podcast before! You can read more about it here

Today was about cleaning our house, doing our laundry and WRAPPING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! We made cookies and drank hot cocoa and spent forever wrapping all our gifts for our family! 

It’s the LAST full work week before Christmas and it’s going to be so.dang.busy. I just keep telling myself… it’s almost time to head home for the Holidays!! 

Have a fantastic rest of you Sunday my loves. I’m back tomorrow to share our 2018 Christmas Card with all of you! I’ll see you then. (PS… you might get a sneak peak if you look in one of the above photos!) 


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