Eclipse 2017

Ahhhh it’s Eclipse Day everyone! How pumped are you?! I’m seriously SO DANG EXCITED. However it’s real cloudy here, and I’m worried I might not get to see it IRL.

While Michigan may not be in the path of the Total Eclipse, we’re still going to see quite the show. And luckily for all of you, Michigan has some pretty amazing spots to sit and view this once in a lifetime (? I’m not sure if it’s the only one we’ll see in our lifetime. I really didn’t do that much research on it. Oops!) show.

Whether you’re in the line of the Total Eclipse or watching from Michigan like me, there are a few things everyone needs to remember.

Wear protective eyewear. Everyone has said this, and I’ll say it again. Get the special goggles if you plan on watching the Eclipse. You don’t want the Eclipse to be the very last thing you ever see.

Don’t waste your time trying to take pictures. Seriously. You’re pictures won’t be good. Unless you have special lenses and have taken pictures of the moon before, they won’t turn out, you’ll get frustrated, and you’ll miss the show. It only lasts 2 minutes! Just be present and enjoy this historic moment. Leave the photos to the pros.

Get there early. Everyone and their mother wants to see the Eclipse. Wherever you’re planning to watch, especially if you’re planning to go somewhere to see it that a lot of other people are going to, or to an Eclipse viewing party, it’s going to be PACKED. So go early and plan on staying awhile. Oh, and Bring snacks. Snacks make everything better. May I suggest Moon Pies? 🙂

Don’t miss it! Check the time that the Eclipse will happen in your location here. Stuck inside? Watch it on TV! Live coverage of the Eclipse will pretty much be on every major network, or you can live stream from NASA. Check your local listings for times!

So, will you be watching the Eclipse? Tell me where! AND if you’re lucky enough to see the Total Eclipse, tell me all about it!


PS… Feature photo is obviously not mine. It’s from Google. 🙂

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