Bridal Beauty Routine

Happy Wednesday my friends! Seriously. Today feels so happy because it’s already the middle of the week, BUT it’s my “Monday” today. Knowing you only have a 3 day work week totally puts you in a great mood. Well that, and the fact that is 60 degrees and sunny in February. (Totally not normal for Michigan! haha)

But seriously, being able to wear a dress and not freeze has me twirling around like this:


Today I thought would be the PERFECT day to start talking Bridal Beauty Routines. Why? Because Spring/Summer is quickly approaching. And if you want to look your absolute best on your big day, you have to start early.

Like 3 months early (for all you soon to be summer brides!)

Bridal beauty routines are different for everyone, but lets be real. Almost everyone wants to look like they stepped off the cover of Vogue on their big day. But, this takes time and effort and products that you may not have the time (or drive) to use in your every day routine.

But when you know you have a BIG day coming up, finding the drive to take the extra time morning and night seems to be a little bit easier.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Having a good base is all you need for a flawless makeup look. So, to look your very best on your wedding day, the one thing you really, truly need to focus on is getting your skin under control.

Now for some of you lucky ladies, you already have amazing skin. But for others, like me, you basically look like a pot of french fry oil at the end of the day, and you need all the help you can get. This is where your skincare products will become your best friend, and your secret to flawless skin on your wedding day.

First things first. Assess your skin. Is it oily? Dry? Combo? Sensitive? Knowing your skin type will help you when choosing your products. For me, I have oily, sensitive skin. Yup. It’s just as fun as it sounds.

Get started ASAP. Seriously. The sooner you adapt good skin care habits, the better your skin will look on your big day. I would say that even 3 months out is a little late, but you have to work with the time you got! (Please… don’t take this as me saying that if you haven’t had 3 solid months of taking care of your skin it won’t look good for your big day. Not what I mean at all! Just know, the longer you take care of your skin, the better it will look.)

Find your “Go To” products. If you’re anything like me, you get bored using the same products day after day. But when it comes to the months leading up to your wedding, the same old boring products is exactly what you need. Find a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer that you can use every. single. morning. and night that will without a doubt help your skin. For every person, these products vary drastically. I recommend looking back and trying to remember what products you were using when you felt your skin was looking it’s best, and going from there.

For me, it is without a doubt the Proactive line. I know so many people don’t believe in it. Or say it’s just a way to get you to pay a lot of money for products you can buy at the store. But I’m going to take a moment to shout at you my love for this line. I started using Proactive religiously in High School and into College. My skin was pretty amazing. (Except for those lovely “Time of the Month” breakouts I would get. But even those were pretty minor.) But, half way through college, I decided I was an adult, and didn’t need Proactive anymore because your skin gets better when your an adult. 

Whoever told that rumor… I don’t like you. That simply isn’t true. When I stopped using it, my skin got gross. My oil wasn’t under control. I was breaking out. And it was just bad all around. I assumed it was the new product I was trying. So I went back and forth between facial cleansers, and toners and while some did better than others, nothing really stuck. 

As soon as Trev proposed, I went back to my Proactive. And I haven’t looked back. Before my wedding, I used the cleanser, toner and spot treatment. Now, I just use the cleanser and spot treatment. I will say… I don’t like their moisturizer. I used this one from Olay or this one from Aveeno. I love them both equally! And at night, I used this one

Set a routine. Once you’ve got your “Go To” products, it’s time to set a routine. Morning and Night, no matter how short on time or tired you might be, make sure you stick to it. For me, it helped to have someone checking up on me. Because it held me accountable. My hubby would expect a text saying “I washed my face!” twice a day. And if he didn’t get it… he’d try to remind me.

Add in other products, slowly. If you want to add in other products like masks or facials, go for it! But do it slowly, and don’t do it TOO close to your wedding. You want to be sure your skin doesn’t have any type of reaction. For me, I stayed away from extra products because I simply didn’t know what they would do to my skin. However, this was a personal decision. Some people can’t live without a face mask once a week, or face oils or facials. You know your skin the best, so you do you, Boo Boo!

After my face, it was time to tackle the rest of my skin.


Good skin on the rest of your body starts in the shower. Once a week, I did a scrub. There are SO many good ones out there, however, my go to was a homemade honey and sugar scrub. You can find different versions all over Pinterest. But in a little dish, I would mix sugar, olive oil, and honey. Then I’d scrub my skin to get rid of all the gunk and dry skin. It works like a charm, and it’s cheap.

I’ve been using the exact same body wash for YEARS now and I will never change. I love the Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter. Seriously. It’s SO GOOD. I don’t need to put lotion on in my every day life because it’s that good. However, because this is a bridal beauty routine…

I found a moisturizing lotion, and put it on religiously every morning and every evening. I like this one from Nivea best. I also used “In Shower” lotion too. For me, the lotion was the hardest part of my bridal beauty routine. It was the most time consuming because I would have to wait for it to dry before I put on my clothes. But, it was worth it in the end because I knew it would make my skin look it’s best.

Next, to make my skin look how I like it, I knew I needed to have a little bit of a tan. You guys, PLEASE don’t give me a hard time for this… but I totally sat out in the sun every chance I got. I know. Tanning is bad for you. But I promise, I put sunscreen on like it was my job. I just didn’t trust at home fake tan to do the job on my wedding day. I love my fake tan, but sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes it turns out streaky. It just depends on the day. And personally, being streaky was not an option for me. And, the area I got married in didn’t offer the greatest spray tans. So I went the old fashioned way and just laid out.

After your skin routine is set, move on to those pearly whites.


If you’re wearing white, you’re going to want your teeth to look white, not yellow. Pick a whitening tooth paste that works best for you. Honestly, I go back and forth between Colgate Optic White and Crest Pro Health Whitening. I also got in the habit of flossing (my dentist was so proud!) and using a really good swish, like Crest Pro Health Mouthwash. I also used white strips. I know there are so many great at home whitening products out there, but I have spots on my teeth from too much fluoride when I was little. So I have to be super careful about how much whitening products I use. (They will show up like crazy if I’m not!) So white strips were the easiest way for me to control how much time I had them on for, and the amount of whitening that my teeth got. I used these.

And you can’t forget about those lips! To make sure they are kissable for your new hubby, I suggest using a lip scrub often (I like this one) and moisturizing lip balm all day every day. My lip balm legit always changes. But my favorites are this one from EOS, this one from Sun Bum and this one.


I’m sooooo excited to talk hair! You guys. I highly, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend purchasing clip in hair extensions for your big day. Whether you use them all or just a few, for length, or just to add volume to your hair, I really think you need them. Yes. They are expensive. But you’re going to fall in love with them, I promise! I wanted them to add body to my hair, but they will make any hairstyle just look better.

I did so much research before purchasing mine. But I ended up choosing Luxy Hair Extensions. And guys. They’re amazing! The quality is SO GOOD. Even my stylist was impressed with them. And they matched my hair perfectly. I was also really impressed with the costumer service I received. Choosing the right color online can be hard, and of course, I ordered the wrong color the first time. They were so sweet, and sent out the right color as soon as I sent mine back. I had the new ones in less than a week, and they checked up on me after I received them to be sure they were correct. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Check them out here. For reference, here is the difference the 160 gram set in Chestnut Brown makes in my hair.


Also, don’t go for a brand new, edgy hair cut before your wedding. Go get a trim, and that’s it. Because if you end up hating your hair, there is nothing you can do to change it. So stick with what you know, and get your edgy hair cut after your big day.


Now on to a tricky spot for me… my finger nails. I worked SO HARD to let mine grow out before my big day. I didn’t want fake nails, because I was leaving for Canada a day after my wedding. And let’s be real, hiking with fake nails wouldn’t have been my best decision. So, I had to consciously not bite my fingernails (awful habit, I know) and spend time filing them and taking care of them. To do this, I used this for nail growth and didn’t paint my nails at all for the two months before my wedding. (Except for my bridal showers.) It seemed to work for me, but if you’re going to get your nails done, you really don’t need to worry about this!


Last, but not least, lets talk about taking supplements. For me, I took A LOT of Emergen-C   because I didn’t want to be sick for my wedding day. I also started taking the Hair, Skin and Nails gummies as an extra measure. To be honest, I didn’t notice a huge difference with these. But hey, they’re inexpensive and they can’t hurt! I say try them. They may  work wonders for you. Also, I took a Multivitamin to be sure I was in tip-top shape.

And of course… I drank ungodly amounts of water. It’s a proven fact that water helps with all things “beauty” and I honestly noticed a huge difference. I used THIS water bottle from Blogilates to help remind me how much water I should be drinking, and when.

Ugh. Even writing it out makes me roll my eyes about how much work it was. I wish I could tell you that I still do all of these things. But to be honest, I got out of the habit while we were on our honeymoon and never really picked them back up since. So be a better person than me, and stick to these habits all year long. You’ll be very happy you did 🙂

What did you do to prepare for your big day?

I’m off to enjoy what is left of this BEAUTIFUL day. We’re grilling tonight and I’m so excited. Grilling makes me think of summer, and summer makes me so dang happy.
Have a wonderful Wednesday my loves!


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