Life Lately + Exciting News!

HELLO MY LOVES! I’ve missed you. I hate that my blogging schedule has been so thrown off to start this year. But, to be fair, my life schedule has been a bit thrown off this year. Why? Because….


And not just any job. His DREAM job!

As of January 4th, Trev became the newest strength and conditioning coach at the University of Michigan!

It has been a roller coaster of a last few weeks and I’ve been dying to tell you all what has been happening.

For those of you that don’t know, Trev did his graduate assistantship with the strength staff at U of M while getting his master degree. He absolutely loved everything about his two years at Michigan and it was always a dream of his to get back to Ann Arbor.

Here we are at the Michigan Athletics Christmas Party all those years ago!
We’re such babies!
He won his first Big 10 and National Championship rings as a strength coach during his graduate assistantship at MIchigan!
With his gymnasts at the Big House! (Look closely and you’ll see some Olympians!)

So, over Thanksgiving when he saw the job was posted, he applied. Two weeks later, he got a phone interview and then was invited to an in for an on campus interview the following Friday. We spent the entire week prepping, praying, and trying so hard to manifest this job for him.

He made little portfolios to give to coaches and they turned out so amazing! I got to help put them together.
When I say EVERY mirrored surface in our house had our manifestation on it I’m not even joking. hahaha (And yes. We added “I have a nice butt” because everyone needs to be reminded of that 😂

fBefore we knew it, it was interview day! He spent the entire day meeting with coaches, the strength staff, HR and touring campus. He felt really good about his interview, and even better about being back on at Michigan. It’s always felt like where he was meant to be to us.

I mean… of course he got he job. Look how handsome he looks in the suit!! (A suit we spent four hours on a Tuesday night driving around to find. Totally worth it. It looks so good!)

A week went by and we didn’t hear anything… we were getting so anxious! We were hoping to hear before we left for Christmas so we could share good news with our families. (We didn’t tell anyone he was interviewing!) But we didn’t hear anything. We went to Blissfield to celebrate with his family and left for Manistee on Monday morning. We spent the ENTIRE card ride being anxious and trying to figure out what might be happening. As we were chatting about it Trev’s phone started pinging with texts from his references saying they just chatted with the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Michigan. We started getting SO excited. We kind of figured if they were calling his references, the job might be his.

The next morning, he got the official call! By far the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do as a wife was watch my husband accept his dream job.

So while I said we were “relaxing by the Christmas tree” we were actually signing acceptance letters.

And while I said we were “visiting our favorite places” we were actually having celebratory drinks!

And while I said we “had a busy weekend” we were busy checking out his new weight room!

I am so so so excited and proud of Trev! He has worked so hard to become the best strength coach he can possibly be. He constantly is pushing himself and his athletes to be better. And now, he gets to do that with some of the best college athletes in the world. I can not wait to watch him thrive in Ann Arbor!

And an even bigger bonus? This job was perfect for our life as a whole. Why? Because we don’t have to move. Our home is actually perfectly located half way between my job and Ann Arbor.

We have been so blessed by this opportunity and I’ve been dying to share it with you. I’m so happy the cat is out of the bag!

Trev has officially been at Michigan almost two weeks now and he is already loving his new job. He’s working with Women’s Lacrosse and Water Polo and comes home with the biggest smile every night. It makes my heart so happy to see him so happy and excited about work again.

Here is his “First Day of Work” picture!

I’m also super excited about the perks! (We are now season ticket holders for Michigan football games!)

And now that he’s officially settled in at U of M, that means I officially have my computer back. (He had to turn his into Detroit Mercy on his last day and didn’t get his new one at U of M until yesterday! He was borrowing mine to do all his work.) SO hopefully I’ll be able to settle in to our new schedule and get my blog posts up on time for you too.

Alright my loves, it’s time for me to sign off for the night. But I’ll be back tomorrow. Have the best rest of your night everyone!



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