Massive Weekend-ish Round Up (Christmas Edition!) 

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Wednesday! I’m coming to you today with a massive weekend roundup. Although… it’s more like a week long round up, since I’ve been off celebrating Christmas since the 17th! 

I love Christmas and the entire Holiday season. The whole world just seems a little bit better because Giving and Sharing and Family and Friends are on everyone’s minds. And when it comes time to take down the Christmas decorations, put away the gifts and finish up all the leftovers, I always get super sad.

And looking through my pictures from last weekend, last week and this weekend is making me even sadder because I already miss my family so dang much! We had another perfect Christmas, and honestly, I just wish Christmas time could last forever!

I took an entire week off from work to spend the holidays with my family and friends. I’m beyond happy that I had the extra time with those I love most, because as we all know, life is way too short.

Our Christmas celebrations started out TWO Fridays ago when I got out of work. We were celebrating with Trev’s family that weekend, and we would have LOVED to leave for Blissfield that night, however, Trev had a basektball game Saturday afternoon. So instead, we ordered take out and had our own little Christmas celebration in our home. 

We typically always do the traveling to be with our families on Christmas, so we never really get to spend time in our home doing Christmas things. So I ended up being super thankful that we were home Friday night and got celebrate just the three of us. (Me, Trev and Jacksy Cat!) We opened our stockings, ordered our favorite takeout, and watched The Holiday while we snuggled up by the fire in our den. It was the perfect kick off to our holiday week! 

Saturday while Trev was at work, I baked pies and rolls to take to Trev’s family Christmas, cleaned the house up and closed it down for the week and packed up the car. (I was super busy!) I always ran a few last minute errands and got in one last Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Latte for the season. 

When Trev got home all he needed to do was jump in the car and we headed to Blissfield! We were in a bit of a time crunch because we were trying to make it in time to join our family for the light parade. 

Turns out, we hit ZERO traffic and made it in time for pizza and for our niece and nephew to open the special gift Uncle Trev made them before we headed to the parade! 

It was SO cold the night of the parade but we had so much fun! There were SO many tractors completely decked out in lights. 

Sunday we celebrated our family Christmas with Trev’s family. We ate lots of yummy food, opened presents and watched a lot of great Christmas movies. 

Because we had the whole next week off, we were able to stay a second night with Trev’s family! It was great because we got a bit of extra time with everyone that we typically don’t get on a Sunday evening. 

Monday we hung around with Trev’s mom and Grandma before we packed up the car and headed North. We stopped in Grand Rapids on our way to pick up Krispy Kremes as a Chrsitmas treat for all my grandparents. (They LOVE Krispy Kremes and don’t get them often because there isn’t one near my hometown.) 

We made great time and were to Manistee before dinner. We delivered donuts and grabbed Big Al’s for dinner. (Of course. I had to get my fix!) 

Tuesday morning we woke up and got the MOST EXCITING NEWS! It’s news we aren’t quite able to share yet (no… we’re not pregnant) but hopefully we can super soon! Either way, we spent the rest of Tuesday celebrating!

Wednesday we slept in, watched a lot of Christmas movies and relaxed before taking a drive to Bear Lake for dinner and Sparkle in the Park!

Thursday we did some shopping downtown and went to see the new Spider Man movie. (Spoiler Alert… I loved it and cried SO many times hahaha)

Friday we woke up and it was already Christmas Eve! We spent the afternoon watching Christmas movies and eating Christmas Eve Apps! Friday evening, we went to have Christmas with some of my mom’s family. It was so weird because it wasn’t like our typical Christmas Eve where we dress up and go to church and have a big family party. Hopefully next year, Christmas will feel and look more like normal. Because I really miss the way Christmas used to be, pre-covid!

We woke up Christmas morning and opened presents! We got so many wonderful gifts, but my favorite was a view finder that was filled with pictures of the happiest memories. The first photo I saw was of my sweet Manly Man and I started bawling. Christmas isn’t the same without him and Mojo.

After presents we had Christmas breakfast, got dressed and snapped some pictures before we headed to celebrate Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family.

I had to try out my new Polaroid camera!

Christmas night we caught the most beautiful sunset, drove around looking at Christmas lights and snuggled in my the Christmas tree.

Sunday we woke up and our vacation was over. We were so sad that it went by so quickly. We packed up, took a final beach ride, said our goodbyes and headed back to Detroit.

I’m so grateful I was able to spend Christmas with everyone I love most. We had a nice relaxing week… which we needed because we’ve been pretty stressed out and anxious lately.

I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful holiday! And I also hope that unlike me, you’re still enjoying a nice break from real life for the holidays. (Good news though… we’re closed on NYE this year because of where the holiday lands so tomorrow is my Friday! Yay!)

Alright guys. You’ve got ONE more post from me coming at you this year! Look for my DECADE in Review this New Years Eve!

Until then, enjoy your last few days of 2021!


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