Deck The Halls! Our 2021 Christmas Home Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmasssss everywhere you gooooo. Especially everywhere in my house. It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday… and that we needed a little bit of extra Christmas cheer this year.

So as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I started to decorate! I decided I wanted to add little touches of Christmas throughout our entire home. But in true Savannah fashion, I decided more was more and couldn’t help myself. I kind of, sort of, let Christmas explode on our main floor and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I kept a lot of decor the same as last year, but I’ve added in some new treasures too! So this year, there will be less talking… and a lot more pictures! However, anything new I’ll link for you.

My goal was to bring coziness and nostalgia to our home this Christmastime. Using a mix of old and new decor and special pieces passed down from family members, we’ve managed to create the coziest space this holiday season! So cozy that we don’t ever want to take down our Christmas decor!

So today, I’m opening my doors to you! Come on in and check out our Christmas decor. If you were here in person, I’d give you a big hug, hand you some cocoa, and make you watch at least three Hallmark Christmas movies with me! I hope my decor inspires you to create some Christmas magic in your own home! Or least want to drink some hot cocoa ☺️

Welcome to our home! I’m so happy you’re here!

I still can’t get over how different our house looks since we painted it last summer! It’s just so pretty 😍 I was hoping to have a pretty, snowy scene when I took photos of our porch but instead it was 60 degrees and rainy! Talk about a strange December day!

Mostly everything on my porch are things I got for a steal! I don’t like to spend a lot of money on seasonal outdoor decor because Michigan winters are HARSH. My sled is a vintage find from a barn sale in Trev’s home town. The tree’s are from Walmart last year, and the planters they are in were built by my father in law for our wedding! The lanterns are from Walmart last year and my Merry and Bright doormat was a Sam’s Club find this past fall! My poinsettias are from Michael’s and the pots they are in are a clearance find. (They have pumpkins on the back side!) Last, my wreath is another Walmart find! (Can you believe it?!) I added some vintage bells to it and love how pretty it turned out!

Now… come on it! It’s warm and cozy inside 🙂

(Andddd if you were really walking into my house the first two pictures are the first thing you’d see… hahahaha)

He is always so curious about people coming into his house… but he usually is anti social and runs under our bed to hide! I used my favorite garland I purchased two years ago again this year on my railings! I love love love love this garland so much! So much so that the year I bought it, I carried it around the store, trying to convince myself I didn’t need it because it was still expensive (IMO) with the discount. I put it back, left, came home and was agonizing over how I didn’t buy it and already regretted it! There were only two left in the store and I was so upset with myself for not bringing one home with me. So Trev told me to go back and I did. Well, thankfully, they were up too high that I had set the one I was carrying around under the other garlands because I couldn’t reach it. So when I went back, the “hidden” one was still there! The other was gone, and I had never seen Hobby Lobby so busy! As I walked to the front of the store with my garland EIGHT people stopped me to ask where I found it. I’m so happy that I splurged and brought this beauty home for Christmas. It really made our staircase the staircase of my dreams! They had a really similar garland at Hobby Lobby again in my store this year. (Sold out online.) The ribbon was also from Joann’s last year.

I kept our entryway almost the exact same as last year.

The vase was a Hearth and Hand find at Target, the greenery is a garland from Joann’s last year, and the wooden Santa is from my Trev’s mom’s Santa collection! (When they moved a few years ago she had us and Trev’s brother go through all her decorations she wasn’t keeping to see if we wanted anything. I took a few of these cute wooden Santas!)

I picked up both of these pillows at the end of Christmas clearance sales a few years back! The red one is from Target again this year, and I believe the Santa was from Marshall’s. I typically have a plaid blanket laying on here too but Jackson was comfy and I didn’t want to make him move just to put it there for a photo!

I love having our corner shelf to display extra things I love during the holidays. Last year I had my pretty paintings of my hometown on this shelf, but this year I moved them! So I printed a few of our favorite Christmas card photos to put on this shelf instead.

I’ve collected all these mercury glass trees over the years and I love them so much!

My absolute favorite thing about my Christmas decor is this little beauty! She was a quarantine purchase and I love her so much!! I had been wanting to do a old fashioned Christmas tree but don’t like to do a “theme” on our main tree. So when I saw my dream little sparse tree on sale from Balsam Hill, I bought it without giving it a second thought. The quality of this little tree is INSANE and worth every penny. My exact tree is sold out (I chose the 4.5 ft unlit version) but the lit version is still in stock as well as other sizes!

I decorated it with a few beaded garlands from Walmart, dried oranges from Amazon, and mercury glass ornaments from At Home! (Sorry, all are out of stock online!) I love my little tree so much! Jacksy Cat loves it too.

On my coffee table this year I have the cutest vintage tree! My Grandpa made it for my Grandma YEARS ago and they wanted me to have it since they don’t put it out anymore. I absolutely cherish this little tree and love how it looks on my table!

Here is a not picture perfect view (yoga mats and all) of my living room I snapped while I was getting dinner in the crock pot!

Next is my favorite view in our whole house!

The garland hanging around our entryway into our kitchen is SO FREAKIN’ PRETTY. I had imagined having it hang lower and hanging Christmas cards around it, originally. But when I was wandering in Kirklands and saw these bells, I changed my mind! I love how they bring a nostalgic, old time Christmas vibe to my decor without screaming FARMHOUSE or MOUNTAIN LODGE or WINTER WONDERLAND or any other Christmas-y theme. They’re just pretty, and so perfect for any decor style! I picked it up a few years ago from Joann’s and was hoping to find a similar one this year. (Unfortunately I did not.) The bell garland was from Kirkland’s two years ago! I also did not see this one again this year, but this can be a simple DIY with some bells and twine.

My favorite look this year on my dining table has been filling this giant vase with seasonal flowers, my black bowl with something seasonal and leaving our two most used cook books under it. I picked up some fallen tree branches and stuck some faux berries in to make a super simple and pretty centerpiece. I used some ornaments I had for the bowl and a pretty runner I got years ago at Target. I love how simple our table looks and it smells SO good!

And now into our den! Which is arguably the most festive spot in our home! Anddddd because I can’t choose just one angle, I’m sharing entirely too many.

Have you seen what our fireplace used to look like?! Quick here to see the dramatic change and how we gave our fireplace a face lift for under $150! Also, Snowy is back this year… of course!
Notice no close ups of the tree… that’s because we haven’t wrapped presents yet!

I got my garland from Joann’s last year and love it so much. I feel like it looks super realistic! I didn’t see any similar to this one this year, which is sad. Because it’s gorgeous and such good quality! I’ve also got my bell garalnd hanging with it, and a red wooden bead garland. These bells are super special! They used to be strung tightly together with a big ribbon. They were used to dress up the horses harnesses in one of my beloved Sleighbell Parades! My mom got them as a gift from one of her students (whose family owns the horses that pull the tree down River Street) and passed them down to me. The way they were just didn’t fit my decor, so I decided to restring them to hang on my mantle. I just love how they look and they make me smile every time I look at them now!

This year I switched up my mantle! I loved my mantle for fall so much that I didn’t really want to get rid of it. So I decided to keep the same style, but make it Christmasy! Plus, I really wanted to find a way to display my paintings of my home town in our den. This is where we spend most of our time during the Christmas season, and I wanted them where I could see them!

I don’t know if you remember the story behind my paintings, but I saw the biggest one at a bookstore in my hometown one day and just started crying. Looking at it made me SO happy and feel all the warm fuzzies I get at home at Christmas. I loved it so much it was the only thing I asked for for my birthday that year. (So of course my parents bought it for me!) Well, one painting wasn’t nearly enough. I found that the artist had a bunch of Christmas paintings from around my home town. The stage is The Ramsdell Theater where I performed It’s the most beautiful old theater! The smaller one is on River Street. (Our main downtown street.) The building is currently The Blue Fish but it’s been many of my favorite restaurants over the years. It’s the most beautiful building on the inside and it overlooks the channel. The last is in front of the building Trev and I take Christmas photos every year. These paintings are just so special to us!

The other side of my mantel!
My vintage tree is also back this year and looks SO CUTE on the coffee table in our den! You can read more about it here.

My shelves are both filled with treasures I’ve collected since I was a little girl. I keep most of the things the same but just add a few Christmas touches. I’ve got a snowglobe my parents bought when I was small and have loved ever since the first moment I saw it. My manger my uncle made for me when I was baby. Wooden Santa’s from Trev’s Mom’s collection and a wooden Santa my grandpa made. A drawing of a cardinal by my grandpa, and my favorite gingerbread pieces that used to belong to my mom.

Last year, I shared how we love to decorate our tree! Check it out here.

I wish I could have you all over for real-skees. Maybe next year…

How have you decorated for Christmas?! Are you decorating in a certain style or theme? Or are you like me and just throwing memories anywhere and everywhere along with some glitter and faux greenery?!

I’ve loved decorating our home for Christmas so much! I’m really sad that it’ll be time to take down our decorations in a few weeks. Maybe I can convince Trev that we should keep them up until March…

Alright my loves, I’m off to work! It’s going to be a long day (we have a meeting tonight). But I’m proud of myself because I have an entire week of posts prepped for you this week! SO that means you’re getting a new post tomorrow even though I’m working a 14ish hour day today. So I’ll be back tomorrow!

Have the best start to your week everyone!


3 thoughts on “Deck The Halls! Our 2021 Christmas Home Tour

  1. Grandpa and I loved your BEAUTIFUL HOME….DECORATIONS WERE SUPERB. You did a great job. Loved your Blog as well. You are very talented in many ways. XOXO LOVE GR. PAT AND GR. HUGH ♥️♥️


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