#WhatUpWednesday Christmas Edition!

What Up, What Up my friends?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so I figured, why not make today’s #WhatUpWednesday a Christmas edition! Today I’ll be sharing everything I’m into, doing and loving right now… with a Peppermint Twist. (Get it? I crack myself up!) 

What I’m Listening To

I am of course listening to Christmas music… but I’ve got my two favorite new songs from last year on repeat. Christmas in the Country by Thomas Rhett and Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift quickly became my favorites last year and they were the first ones I reached for again this year too!

What I’m Buying

Nothing but Christmas treats! I finished all my shopping before Black Friday and I’m beyond happy to not be stressing over gifts. I shopped early because I wasn’t too sure what would happen with Covid, and if I’d be able to get out to stores or not as Christmas got closer. I’m literally SO happy I did! It feels really good to be done and have all the gifts wrapped and under the tree.

What I’m Watching

Christmas movies! I haven’t had a day where I sat and just enjoyed Christmas movies all day yet, and I can’t wait to do that this weekend! I’m planning to plant my butt on the couch all day in front of Hallmark Channel! I also have all my usual favorites to watch like Love Actually, The Holiday, Christmas Vacation and all The Santa Clause movies. Trev loves those movies too though, so we’ll make plans to watch them together.

What I’m Doing To Get in the Christmas Spirit

The 2020 Christmas Season sucked for me. Not only was it the middle of a pandemic and all my traditions were thrown off, but I lost my sweet pup, Manly and was completely devastated and depressed. This year, I’m trying hard to feel the Christmas magic that I didn’t feel last year. So I’m making a point to do everything I look forward to all year long. Things as simple as sitting by my Christmas tree at night, driving around looking at Christmas lights and making Christmas cookies. These little things always bring me so much happiness!

What Christmas Outfits I’m Buying

Christmas parties are still a little bit different this year. Covid is pretty crazy in Michigan right now, so I’m really not sure how our Christmas’ will end up looking. But I did buy a few cute sweaters that I can dress up or down and I can always pull out my favorite dresses from Christmas past if I need!

What I’m Doing To Give Back

Every year, Trev and I try to do something to give back to people in need. We really enjoy picking tags off trees at our works and buying for children in our area or donating to Toys for Tots. However, donations are looking so different in Michigan this year. So Trev did a little searching to see how we could donate locally from the comfort of our couch. We found out that CS Mott (a world renowned children’s hospital in Ann Arbor) has a program called Gifts in Kind in which you can shop lists from Amazon and Target. They’re filled with toys that you can buy and send right to the hospital to help stock the rooms for the sweet kids to play with. If you’re looking for ways to give this year, I couldn’t recommend giving to Motts enough! We did this last year too, and we had so much shopping for the kids! Click here to learn how to donate.

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?! Are you celebrating the Christmas season as normal or does it feel a little off for you this year too??

Have a great rest of your Wednesday loves. I’ll talk to you soon!


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