Happy December + My Thanksgiving Weekend Round Up!

Happy December My Loves! I know… this post is coming a little bit late, and Thanksgiving feels like a lifetime ago. BUT I felt like I couldn’t move on to December until I shared our last little bit of Fall! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this week. I’ve been sick. Like all I’ve done is work and go to sleep at 6:30 pm.

But today I’m feeling a better. So I figured I’d push my bedtime to 7:30 😉

So let’s rewind to a week ago and do a lil Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup!

I worked the day before Thanksgiving as usual, but when I got home my parents were here! We ordered dinner and spent the evening prepping all our food for the next day.

Thursday we woke up early to get the Turkey cooking before the rest of our guests started to arrive! We watched the Macy’s parade, drank coffee and spent time on Facetime with our loved ones we weren’t going to see in person this year.

We were so happy to have Trev’s family here with us for Thanksgiving too! We spent the day eating, talking, watching football and doing SO MANY CRAFTS. (I’m still finding piles of glitter around the house 😂)

Thursday evening we took down all of our Fall decor and boxed it up before I had to head to bed since I had to work the next day. I decided to try vacuum sealing all our throw pillows and blankets this year to save some storage space!

I spent Black Friday at work. My parents did a little shopping, Trev did a little wood working and then had to go to practice for a bit. When I got home Friday night my parents had Chinese food waiting and we had dinner before decorating our Christmas tree!

Saturday we did a little shopping and took some pictures for my next Hudsonville collab (spoiler alert!) before we watching the Michigan/Ohio State game.

Saturday evening my cold started catching up to me. So we decided to hang out at home and have a relaxing evening. I went to sleep early hopefully I’d feel better the next morning. But, I didn’t.

I said goodbye to my parents early Sunday morning, then spent the rest of the day on the couch watching Selling Sunset and sleeping. It’s the same cold/seasonal allergies I get around this time every year. And it’s always THE WORST.

I’m pretty devastated because it’s Sleighbell Weekend in Manistee and I had to cancel my plans to go. While I’m starting to feel better, I need to rest this weekend. I cried having to make that choice, but I know it’s the right one.

Alright my loves, I know this post has been very short, and I’m so sorry! It’s been a long couple of days at work and I’m beat. But tomorrow? I’m coming back with one of my favorite Christmas posts to do! I’ll talk to you all then ☺️


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