What up, what up my loves?! Happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a #WhatUpWednesday post up… so let’s jump right in!

What I’m Reading 

All the Christmas books! I’ve read some AMAZING books these past few weeks. So here is a teeny tiny mini book review for you. 

In a Holidaze. I LOVED this book. I know it has a super cliche plot but really… who doesn’t love a good cliche at Christmas time? This unexpectedly spicy Christmas novel was about a girl named Maelyn who is stuck in the same Christmas weekend over and over a la Groundhog Day. The end was super cute and expected but also a little surprising. I loved this one. Two thumbs up! 

The Holiday Swap. This one is a Hallmark movie in book form. It’s got a cute charming small town bakery, a big LA star, all the Christmasy touches and twins! I loved this book. I thought it was so cute. 

Christmas in Dixie. Okay. I hate giving bad book reviews.  Because I know someone poured their heart and soul into said book and I never want to take that away from them. However, I did not like this book. It went from bad to worse. I picked it because it was described as Sweet Home Alabama meets National Lampoons Christmas Vacation with a touch of Hart of Dixie. Three shows/movies I LOVE. However, this book felt like a cheap knock off of it.  I was sad… a southern Christmas sounded like the exact kind of story I’d love to read. I did finish (I refuse to not finish a book) it, but even the ending couldn’t save it for me. 😒

A Holly Jolly Diwali. I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was so good. It was a love story but also about a girl finding herself and not like compromising who she was for love. It wasn’t a “swoon worthy romance. But it was festive and had twists and turns that kept me wondering what would happen next. And I finished it and immediately wanted a second book because I feel like I need to know what happened to them when *spoiler* they started their new life together in LA. 

I’m currently reading A Cross Country Christmas and have Christmas in Peachtree Bluff on deck! 

What I’m drinking 

I can’t get enough of the sugar cookie latte from Starbucks! I actually saw a TikTok about how to make them at home and I totally want to try it this weekend if I have time! 

What I’m Watching

Nothing new. I started rewatching new girl whil I was cleaning one day and that’s all we’ve been watching since. 😂

What I’m Listening To 

Red (Taylor’s Version) all day. Every day. Specifically the 10 minute version of All Too Well. I really didn’t think there was any way should could make my all time favorite Taylor Swift song better but she did. And I can’t stop listening to it on repeat! 

What I’m Buying 

All the stuff for Thanksgiving! We’re hosting at our house this year and we’ve got a lot to get done this weekend before our guests arrive. I’ve already got a pile of things we need for turkey day in our den but I keep thinking of more things I have to pick up this weekend. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s going to be a busy couple of days! 

What Else is New

Not a whole lot. Just prepping for the holidays! Are you prepping for Thanksgiving too? Get some inspo here, here, here and here!

So my loves, what’s up in your lives?!

I’m hoping to get a quick post up for you tomorrow… but I’ve got a Zoom CPR re-certification class tomorrow night. So we’ll see. If I don’t talk to you before Friday, have THE BEST weekend.


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