5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Today is October 27th. Let that sink in for just a second. Doesn’t it seem like it was just October 1st? Seriously. I blinked and the month is already over!

The end of October means on thing and one thing only the start of Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark Channel Halloween! We’re officially one week away from the spookiest day of the year, and only days away from Halloweekend. And if you’re like me and waited to plan your costume, you’re probably about to hit the panic button.

But fear not, you know your girl has got you covered! This year, I dug through my closet (and my husband’s) and used that awesome one click buy option on Prime to make three pretty amazing Halloween costumes in literally minutes.

AND I stayed up all night last night perfecting this post so that you can order any of these items first thing this morning and have them before your first Halloween party on Saturday night!

Check out three easy costumes that you can pull off just in the nick of time below! (PS… I’m linking our exact outfits below, but check your closet first! You might have exactly what need to pull off a similar look without having to spend any money.)

Spider Man

Hi my name is Savannah and I love Tom Holland Spider Man. Ok. But seriously I watched Spider Man with Trev earlier this year and it brought me into the Marvel Universe. He is without a doubt my fav super hero and this is honestly the most comfortable costume I ever put together! I layered a loungewear suit (I got my from Amazon) with a little boys Spider Man hoodie (I got an extra large) that I cute the sleeves off of. I threw on some socks and white shoes and BOOM there’s a new friendly neighborhood spider man in town! 

Blue Loungewear Set // Boys Spider Man Hoodie (size XL) // Red Tube Socks // White Converse

And also… who doesn’t want to look like this 😂

A Witch or Wednesday Adams 

This was my costume last year and it was soooo easy to pull off! In fact I shared an entire post about all the ways you can style this dress. It’s sweet, simple and you might already have a black dress in your closet. If not, you can easily order one on Amazon! See my original post here with a link to my actual dress. However, it won’t get to you by the weekend.

Ross and Rachel

Say HELLO to Mr. Rachel and Mrs. Ross! This iconic Friends scene makes the worlds the easiest and fastest couples costume to pull off EVER. Seriously. All it takes is a 90s looking button up for your loved one, a black top for you and a black eyeliner! This one you probably don’t even need to place an Amazon order, I’d be willing to be you have everything you need at home!

My Black Top (But literally any black shirt would work!) // Wet & Wild Multi Stick //
Trev’s Shirt (90s Hand-me Down)

Side note… Wet and Wild has an awesome collection called Fantasy Makers of Halloween Makeup! You can buy it at your local Walmart,

TJ and Spinelli

Bring out your inner 90s kid and be TJ and Spinelli this Halloween! We wore these costumes got countless compliments on them! And guys. They were SO easy to recreate. Honestly, the hardest thing for me to find was the socks! Here’s what you’ll need…

Green Bomber, Jeans, Chucks (he wears red, but Trev had black), White T-Shrit, Red Baseball Cap. (Trev wore a UDM hat but any would work!)

 Red “Dress” (I couldn’t find a red dress so I bought a Men’s XL T-Shirt for $4 at Walmart and it works like a charm!), Leather Jacket (this jacket has been a staple of mine since I got it last Fall and it’s SO nice you guys!), Yellow Beanie (for some crazy reason my exact beanie isn’t on Walmart’s website, but that’s where I got it! You’ll find it in their accessories section with all their winter hats in multiple colors), Striped Socks and Moto Boots.

Honestly, the toughest part of your Spinelli costume will be the striped socks. I tried to get mine on Amazon but they turned out to not be prime eligible even though they said they were so I ended up ordering from a clown website that sold the exact socks that were on Amazon. (Wild, right?) If you’re in search of striped socks, I’d head to your local Halloween store. I think that would be your best bet!

IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE! But I could also die over how easy this costume is to recreate! This costume is kid friendly because they will immediately know who you are, and you’ll be comfy all day. (Don’t tell my babes yet, but this is my costume for work on Wednesday!) Here’s what you’ll need…

Agnes Gru

Red ScrunchieYellow Striped Shirt (again, exact link isn’t available on Walmart but that’s where I picked up this shirt! I linked the shirt that I bought, they just don’t have the Yellow Stripe online but I’m sure they will in your store!), Overalls (Mine are old, but I got them at Hollister), ConverseUnicorn

PS… You can buy the actual unicorn at Target, or you can find a much cheaper version. I found mine for $9 at The World’s Biggest General Store in The Poconos hahaha I know they make a beanie baby version too. Just keep an eye out wherever toys are sold. You will probably find one!

Looking for other great last minute costume ideas? Go to TikTok! You’d be amazed what a little bit of makeup can do to make you look like zombies, mermaids, sugar skulls or just straight up dead.

So my friends, what are you going to be for Halloween?! Any other last minute costume ideas? Leave ’em in the comments below!

I’ll be back with my #WhatUpWednesday post tomorrow. I figured I’d switch em around so you could get a costume idea or two before it’s too late! Have a great night everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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