Weekend Round Up

Hi loves! Happy, happy Tuesday! I’m back today with my Weekend Round Up! I’m a day late, I know. But I started at my new center yesterday and decided big life changes deserve a night away from my laptop ☺️ 

We had a really great weekend and I can’t wait to share it! So let’s hop right in. 

Our weekend started out Friday when I got home from work. I was feeling SO SAD because it was my last day at my center. It had been my home for four years. I got my first “big girl” job there teaching the cutest Young 5s kids on the planet. I was a teacher for two years and then they promoted me to assistant director. I absolutely loved all my staff, families and kids so much. And saying goodbye was so freakin’ tough. My kids made me the sweetest sign and I got so many goodbye hugs. Walking out that day was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. 

I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling when I got home, so we hadn’t planned on going out to eat. But I dried my tears and Trev and I went out for dinner and drinks. 

After dinner I was completely exhausted. I had slept a total of two hours the night before and was ready for bed. We snuggled up with the intention of watching at movie but I was out within 5 seconds 😂 

Saturday morning I slept in and it was so nice! Trev made us breakfast, we watched The Middle and then we picked up the house before my in-laws got there. 

Here is a mirror selfie cuz I liked my outfit.

They ended up bringing our niece and nephew with them so we headed to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in downtown Detroit for the afternoon! This is a favorite of my kids from work for field trips, so I was so excited to show it to the kids! They LOVED it and we had such a fun afternoon! 

We grabbed lunch at Atwater before heading back to our place and visiting a bit before they went back home. Saturday evening we watched football, ate leftovers and relaxed a lot. 

Sunday Trev spent the entire day in his workshop. I was in a weird mood and feeling soooo anxious about starting at my new center on Monday. So I watched tv, scrolled TikTok (found a new recipe that’s in our crock pot as I type this and I can’t wait to try it tonight!) and started a puzzle. I did self care, I read my new book and I took a nap. It was a pretty good, lazy Sunday.

Sunday night we were up late to watch the Tom Brady game and I was SO anxious the entire time 😂 I will always pick Tom Brady to win, but I still love the Patriots so I was so torn. It was a great game, but I was pretty bummed it came down to the wire. I was up wayyyy past my bedtime. 

Monday I started at my new center and so, so good! I’m adjusting to new teachers, new families, a new schedule and new ways of doing things. New is always hard. But everyone has been so nice! 

So my loves, what was your weekend like? I hoping to get some fall fun next weekend. I need to make another trip to a pumpkin patch or two… 

I’ll be back tomorrow everyone! Have a great rest of your Tuesday. 



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