Hi Loves! Happy, happy Wednesday! Let’s jump right into everything I’m loving lately!

What Is New

Okay, let’s start with the biggest thing I’m planning to mention. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit MIA lately. That’s because I’ve got a big change coming up in my life. A little over a month ago, I got called into my big bosses’ office and was offered a really great opportunity! It was a really hard decision to make, but ultimately, I ended up taking it. I will be doing the same job I’m doing now, but moving to a different one of our centers where I will have the opportunity to grow and take the next step in my career with my company. I’ve been so torn about this change, but now that it’s official it’s starting to sink in a bit! I’m super excited for this opportunity to learn from new people, run a new center, and have a whole new group of people to meet and love. However, I will miss my current center terribly. My staff and families are some of the best people I know, and if I’m being honest, I’m devastated to have to say goodbye. So I’ve been pretty sad coming home lately and not feeling like myself. Which is why my posts have been a bit sparse. Please bare with me while I navigate my way through this change! If you know me personally, you know change is not my thing and I have a pretty rough time with it. Even when it’s a good thing.

Now that that is out of the way… let’s see what I’ve been loving lately.

What I’m Reading

I just finished another book and I LOVED it. I found it thanks to Tiktok 🙂 It’s called The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas. You guys, it was sooooo cute. I fell in love with the main characters. It’s a classic grumpy/sunshine, enemies to lovers kind of book. And I promise you, you will LOVE it. Just go read it… and thank me later! I just started a new book yesterday and I already am super into it. It’s called It Happened One Summer and it’s really captivating so far!

What I’m Watching

In typical Savannah fashion, I’ve pulled out one of my favorite “anxiety watching” shows. You know, the shows you watch over and over again because their comforting and you don’t have to worry about what happens next because you already know? Yeah. I’m rewatching The Middle. I love this show SO much, and I feel like it doesn’t get nearly enough attention. If you’ve never seen it, you need to watch! (It’s on HBO Max right now.) If I were ever a TV show character, I would be Sue Heck. I am such a Sue Heck. hahaha

What I’m Eating

All our favorite Fall things! I’ve been on the hunt for new Fall recipes. Do you have one you love? Drop it below for me! We like crockpot recipes in the fall…

What I’m Doing To Stay Healthy

It’s that time of year when I start to get a cold, run done, tired and end up sick. SO I’m trying to combat that this year by taking the magic medicine I talk about all the time, Emergen-c and trying to rest a lot. So far, it seems to be working! (Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx myself.)

What I’m Working Out To

We’ve been having the best weather here in the evenings, so we’ve been taking full advantage of it and walking outside! We’ve just been doing short walks around the block and it’s been nice to be out and getting some fresh air. I’ll get back to my actual workouts once the weather gets a bit cooler, but for now, a walk around the block has been perfect!

What Else Is New

Not a whole lot! I’ve been getting my house feeling cozy for fall, and helping Trev get some stuff set up for his newest business venture.

So my loves, what’s new with you?!

I’ll be back tomorrow everyone! Have a great night. I’m off to fold a mountain of laundry.


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