Weekend Round Up (LDW Edition!)

Hey there loves! I wish I could tell you that I’m writing you this from a sunny beach in Northern Michigan while I soak up every last spec of summer possible. But I’m not. Im sitting on my cozy couch in Metro Detroit where its dark and gloomy and about to start pouring. Ugh. So not Instagram worthy!

Want to know what was Instagram worthy though? My amazing long weekend Up North! We had so much fun and I’m seriously SO SAD knowing that our fun summer days are officially over… but I honestly am ready for Fall. I can practically hear the apple cider slushies and pumpkin patches calling my name!

But before I jump head first into fall, let’s chat about the unoffical last week of summer.

Our weekend started out on Friday evening when I got off work. It was my opening Friday and I was so pumped to hit the road at 4:30. We took back ways around the major freeway interchanges to beat out a lot of the traffic jams. We made it up north in just under four hours!

We visited with my parents for a bit, caught up on all the Manistee Gossip and put a plan in place for Saturday! We were so excited to get out on the river for one last kayak trip.

But we woke up to 50 degrees… and rain. Definitely not the kind of weather you hope for on LDW. So instead of indulging in summer, we did some fall things! After breakfast we headed to Orchard Market to buy mums for our front porch! They had some pumpkins out too. Butttt I didn’t buy any just yet.

After lunch we hit up some of our other favorite local shops before heading to TJs for lunch and the football game!

After lunch we visited my grandma to celebrate her birthday! She had her party on Friday night and we unfortunately didn’t make it in time to celebrate with everyone else. But that’s okay… that just meant we didn’t have to share her with anyone else!

When we got home we settled in for the evening. We ordered Big Al’s, watched football and relaxed a whole lot.

Sunday we had hoped to get out on the kayaks but we were greeted with a windy, chilly, day. So, we decided to go explore Ludington for the morning before our annual crab boil that afternoon. Our first stop was the CUTEST little store called The Market. If Finders Keepers Vintage Market and your local farmers market had a baby, this would be it! We left with all sorts of local goodies and I got the cutest pumpkin garland to add to my fall decor. (I couldn’t leave without it. It was seriously too cute.)

From there we headed to Jamesport Brewing to get some beers and some apps!

When we got back to town we headed out for a walk on the pier. It was SO windy, but it made my heart really happy.

When we got home I snuggled up in the hammock withe very intention to read but quickly fell asleep. Napping in the hammock under my parents tree is my favorite place to nap!

Before I knew it, my mom was waking me up to head to my other grandma’s house. It was the annual Edmondson Family Crab Boil! (I’ve shared our recipe here!)

We ate our weight in crab and spent the evening with my family. It was perfect. That night we headed to the beach to catch one last summer sunset. It was a bit cloudy, but beautiful all the same.

Monday we woke up early and were sad because it was time for us to go. We never want to leave, but knew we needed to get on the road ASAP if we wanted to beat out any traffic. We loaded up the car, grabbed some coffees, took one last beach ride and headed back to Detroit. We made record time, and it ended up being a good thing we left at 9 am! Other people we knew headed this way had 1 hour or more added to their trip thanks to traffic and accidents. But we made it in under four hours.

We spent our Monday unpacking, food prepping anddddd decorating for fall. I don’t have all my decor up just yet, but so far, I’m loving how cozy our house feels thanks to these pretty fall colors! We settled in early for the night because we knew that Tuesday morning would get here way too quickly.

The weather was a bit cold, but overall we had an amazing weekend!

hope your LDW was just as perfect as mine. Only, I hope you had warm weather and were able to grab a few relaxing days on the beach! Now that summer is officially behind us, I’m ready for all things fall! Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, football and crisp air. Eeeek!

Tomorrow I’ll be back for #WhatUpWednesday. I’ll talk to you then!

Have a great night everyone!



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