Hi my loves! It’s another week and another Wednesday which means I’m here to share What’s Up in my life. Let’s jump right in!

What I’m Reading

I’m still working on The Lucky Escape! I don’t know why but I am having the HARDEST time getting into it. It’s got all the makings to be “my kind of book” but for some reason, I don’t find myself dying to know what happens next. I think my mistake was I read The Unhoneymooners right before this and the concepts are kind of similar. And I just loved The Unhoneymooners so much that I might be unfairly comparing the two. I’m about half way through and am hoping to finish it soon. I’ll update you when I do! Last weekend I read a book in under 3 hours that I adored. I happened to see it as a Facebook ad, and it was. on sale for 99 cents! It was a Crown Media book so I was totally expecting it to be a Hallmark movie in novel form. And it was. And I LOVED it so much! It was called Once Upon a Royal Summer by Teri Wilson. If you love Hallmark movies like me, read this one! I plan to read more by her this fall.

What I’m Watching

FBoy Island! If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s so good! I was wanting a new reality dating show. I love The Bachelor, but it was starting to feel a little stale. This is completely different, has so many twists and turns, Nikki Glaser is a hilarious host, and the show itself doesn’t take itself too seriously. Definitely recommend this one! (Also I haven’t made it all the way through yet, so don’t tell me the ending!!)

What I’m Eating

We’ve been making the BEST salads ever lately. We’ve been calling them Southwest Chicken Salads which they kind of are? We chop up lettuce, mix in black beans, corn, shredded chicken (that we cook in the crock pot with salsa and taco seasoning), cheese, crunchy tortilla strips and Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch Dressing. It’s BOMB and I literally will eat three plate fulls!

What I’m Shopping For

All the fall things! I really didn’t need much for my Fall decor this year, but I’ve been on the hunt for a few little pieces to change up my decor this year. I loved my decor last year, but it just wasn’t perfect. So far, I love what I’ve cultivated and I can’t wait to get it up in my house!

What I’m Trying

Okay here me out… I’m trying to fix my Buffalo Hump! hahaha I found this video on TikTok about how to fix “tech neck” and the hunch that happens in your upper back. You simply have to lay on the floor with your legs up on something at a 90 degree angle with a little towel under your neck for 10 minutes. I typically do it every night while I meditate. It has helped by back SO much and I notice it’s starting to fix my posture too.

What Else Is New

Not a whole lot! I can’t quite believe it’s already September. I’m so excited for Fall! But I refuse to get in full on Fall mode until after this upcoming weekend. I can’t wait to head Up North! Speaking of which… no new post tomorrow! I’ll be packing for the long weekend.

Alright my loves, I’m out of here! Have the best long weekend everyone. I’ll be back after Labor Day!


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