Life Lately

You guys!! I’ve missed you! I’m so so so so SO sorry that I disappeared on you last week without a trace. It completely slipped my mind how busy last week was going to be for me. I worked 55 hours last week. I was super stressed out. I didn’t really sleep much. And honestly, you wouldn’t have wanted to hear from me anyway. Because I was in my head and grumpy.

So today, let’s catch up! Here’s what’s been up since the last time we talked!

My parents came for the weekend! We loved having them visit. We didn’t do much. Relaxed, ate a bunch of food and did some shopping.

Trev finished his newest project… a super pretty charcuterie board! Who else thinks he should sell these?!

We got a generator! My parents are angels and gave us quite possibly the best gift ever. Ever since we’ve moved into our house, we get stuck without power for multiple days often. They bought us a generator that would be big enough we could plug a bunch of stuff into so we can be comfortable AND not have to throw out all our food. (We have a giant freezer we keep stocked with meet and thats always a super sad loss when we have to throw that out.)

I had a lot of late meetings at work.

We made several ice cream runs. (Life seems less stressful with ice cream!)

And we both worked… a lot. By the time Friday rolled around we were ready for the weekend! We headed to The Avenue for dinner and drinks. We typically get the same thing there because we love our usuals so much, but this time we decided to order apps and drinks for dinner. And we were so glad we did! We had brisket nachos, garlic parm fries and the best mac and cheese ever!

Friday night we attempted to watch a movie but I fell asleep before 9:00 😂

Saturday we did some errands and Trev worked in the garage. I had planned to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, but ended up sitting around watching FBoy Island and drinking Faygo.

Saturday night we ordered pizza and had a Marvel movie night. At 10:00 Trev was tired but I decided to start a new book. And guys… the book was SO cute and I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up until 2 and finished the whole thing. I just loved it! It was like a Hallmark movie, on my Kindle.

Sunday we slept in and then headed to the grocery store. We cleaned up the house and Trev went back out to work in his wood shop. I decided I needed to do a little Self Care Sunday. I started a bath, threw in a bath bomb, turned on Gilmore Girls and put on a face mask. Just as I was getting comfy in the tub, the power went out.

So I got out, and tried to help Trev see what caused the power outage. We thought maybe he blew a fuse but as it turned out, the whole neighborhood was out. So we headed to Home Depot to buy extension cords and fill up the gas can in case we needed to use the generator. We also picked up dinner while we were out.

We came home, sat down with our food and as we were eating in the dark, the lights popped back on! We were SO thankful. For about 2 minutes, because then the power went out again. This time we heard two giants pops, so we’re pretty sure a transformer blew. We knew this wasn’t going to be as quick of a fix so we got the generator out, just as a giant storm started to blow in.

This is when we realized the generator can’t get wet. So we threw a tarp over is and it starts POURING and ran back into the garage where Trev made a makeshift hut to put over the generator. Of course the hut was was too big to get through the door to the back yard, or through the fence. So we had to put it over our heads, it kept getting stuck in the tree and we were getting absolutely soaked.

We finally got it to the back patio, covered up the generator, got it started and plugged in all our cords. We got the fridge plugged in, and cords ran into the basement where we were going to settle in for the night. We blew up our air mattress, got a fan going, and plugged in all our devices. Just as we snuggled into bed the power came back on. (It was just about 10:00.) Which again… super excited about! We ran outside to unplug the generator and got everything put away. We grabbed everything out of the basement and brought it back to our bedroom. We got our bed made, plugged in our devices and laid down for bed.

And I kid you not, 15 minutes later, the power went out AGAIN. So back outside we went to plug in the generator, replug in our appliances and run cords down to the basement. Remake out bed downstairs and set up everything we need to charge for the night. And just as we were about to hop into bed, the dang power came back on. We decided we didn’t trust it, and just slept where we were. We were way too tired to play games with DTE the rest of the night.

So my non-stressful start to the week ended up being very stressful and starting not on the best foot. I guess the good news is, it can only get better. Right?

How have you been my loves? Everyone have a good weekend?

Alright guys. It’s time for me to sign off. I’m about to take the worlds fastest shower and then snuggle into my bed to get a good nights sleep! I’ll be back tomorrow! Oh but before I go… how sweet is this picture I snapped after my walk this evening? Zoom in to see a cute little cat nap!

Have a great rest of your night everyone!


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