Weekend Round Up

You guys! I’m writing to you from the inside of a bright, light, air conditioned home. I’ve finally re-entered the 21st century from the dark ages where I’ve been since last Tuesday evening when our power went out. I don’t think I’ve ever been more miserable than I was last week without power. It was soooo hot and humid, we lost all the food in our fridge and giant freezer, and we ended up having to eat out every night so we felt so slugglish. I’m happy to say that Friday evening our power came back on, which meant we got to fully enjoy our weekend!

Our weekend started out when I got out of work. Trev met me at The Bench Pub which is just around the corner from my work. We got giant beers, cheeseburgers and played Keno. We had the best night, and it was even better knowing we were going home to power!

Neither of us had slept well all week, so we decided to turn in early. By 9:00 we were in bed and watching Friends.

Saturday morning we woke up and it was time to do all the things we hadn’t been able to do all week. We started by cleaning out our fridge and freezer, making a grocery list and heading out to do errands and get some food. When we got home, we both caught up on things we needed our electronics for… like making gift tags for my mom on Canva for me and Trev on some woodworking projects. Jackson caught up on his sleep.

I spent the rest of my afternoon catching up on Alabama Rush Tok. I got SO invested over the week since Tiktok and Youtube were all I really had access to.

Saturday night was date night! We tried one of the Home Chef meals from Kroger, and we loved it! It was super easy to make so yummy. We got the Farmhouse Fried Chicken Tenders with hot honey, biscuits and coleslaw. We thought this was so much easier to use than some of the other meal boxes we have tried, and it will be super easy to recreate any time we want. The only change we made was instead of using the hot honey they gave us (you mix honey with Cholula) we used our favorite, Mike’s Hot Honey.

After dinner we went mini golfing and to the batting cages! We had so much fun. I even got my first hole in one ever!

On our way home we grabbed slurpees from Elevenn and headed home to watch Watch If on Disney+. I wasn’t a fan. I liked the concept… but I hated that it was a cartoon.

Sunday we spent the day doing our normal Sunday things. I cleaned the house while Trev went grocery shopping, then we meal prepped for the week before relaxing and enjoying the rest of our Sunday. Trev worked in his work shop, and I spent my day in the sunshine, reading and anxiously awaiting to see where all the girls ended up on Bid Day.

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