Amazon Favorites: June and July

Hi Friends! Today, I’m back with a newish series to my blog! One that I’m really excited about. If I learned anything about myself over the past year, it’s that I spend too much money on Amazon. It’s just so easy to shop! I also learned, that I am not the only one that has this problem. So I figured, why not share the top 5 things I buy each month, that I love the most, with all of you!

I missed posting this last month (whoops!) so today, I’m sharing the best 5 things I bought between June and July!

So, without further ado, since we all spend too much money on Amazon… let me make your spending worth while! Here are 5 of my favorite things I bought on Amazon this month!

Toadfish Can Coozie

This thing is SO cool. It has a suction on the bottom so it literally won’t tip over. It’s made for boating, but it’s perfect for Trev and I who are both a bit clumsy and tend to knock things over while we walk by. Plus, it keeps your drinks cold. They have it in a few different sizes and colors too! This would be a perfect purchase now for the rest of the summer! (We also purchased some dry bags by this brand for when we kayak and they are amazing! Check them out if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your things dry while at the beach or spending a day on the water!)

Sweater Tank

I bought this to wear for an anniversary date back in June and have worn it at least once a week since. It is super cute and light weight and I love how it looks! I wear it with shorts or jeans on weekends and have dressed it up with dress pants for work. I would recommend sizing up for less of a cropped fit! I will say that it’s starting to show its wear a bit… but that’s okay. I’ve more than gotten my moneys worth!

Door Handle

We ordered this new door handle set from Amazon and we love it! It’s super sleek and modern and crazy affordable. It looks so pretty on our new front door! (Come back THURSDAY to see how it looks. I promise I’ll actually get the post up this time 😂) 

Pop Socket

We ordered new pop sockets for the backs of our new phones. I chose a plain tan phone case for Casely this time, and wanted a fun pop socket to go with it. I really like this one. 

Large Puzzle Mat

Okay so I’ve been super excited about this product. If you know me you know I LOVE puzzles. It’s like one of my favorite things to do, but it takes me awhile to do them and then we end up with no table at our house because it’s covered in puzzle pieces. I bought this to try out with a new puzzle we bought while we were in Manistee for vacation. However, we’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. Fingers crossed next weekend we’ll have some down time and be able to try it out! It’s got great reviews… I hope it works like I want it to! 

We also did a lot of restocking this month. We bought the things we always buy that we running low on… like cleaning products. Nothing overly fun to share.

And that’s it for my Amazon purchases lately.

Do you shop on Amazon a lot too?! What are your favorite things you bought last month?!

Alright my loves. I’m signing off for the evening. We’re cleaning up the house because we have guests coming in a few days! Have the best rest of your Tuesday everyone!


*Photo found on Google

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