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You guys!! I’ve missed you so much! Happy, happy Monday!! I’m back from a week Up North, and my heart is so happy. It’s so funny how much you don’t realize you need a break from every day life until you get one. Our week was far from perfect (thanks Mother Nature) but it was exactly what we needed.

We left yesterday still a bit sunburned, loaded down with Up North goodies and really really sad to have to return back home and back to the daily grind.

Curious to see what our week looked like? Let’s go back allllll the way to last Friday!

Our original plan was to head Up North as soon as I got out of work. I opened on Friday and it would have been easy to try to beat some of the traffic. However, my in laws asked if we’d be able to celebrate our sister in law’s birthday on Saturday so we changed out plans. This ended up being a good thing because I ended up leaving work super late… and we lost power on Saturday morning. (More on that in a bit!) We spent Friday night running last minute errands, packing and cleaning. We were exhausted from a long week so we decided to turn in for the night and finish up closing down the house for the week in the morning before we headed to Blissfield.

This ended up being a bad idea… because we lost power at 5 am on Saturday! We did as much as we could without power, but everything took twice as long as normal. We got the garage opened and the car out and finished packing and setting up the hose and fish feeder on their timers for the week. Finally as we were about to find Jackson to leave, the power went back on! We were SO thankful to be able to make sure everything was turned off that we weren’t using, clean out the fridge and set up the Nest to ecomode before we left.

We made it to Blissfield much later than planned, BUT at least we made it! We had a BBQ and spent the evening playing with our niece and nephew.

On Sunday we packed up and headed North! We made GREAT time and were to my parents house by late afternoon.

We unpacked, grabbed Big Al’s for dinner and headed to the beach for the sunset. I was so excited to see the sunset every night like last year, but smoke from the wild fires out west and in Canada caused hazy clouds to roll in over the lake every day this week. So while we enjoyed evening beach time, we never saw a very pretty sunset.

Monday we slept in and spent the day out on the kayaks! We kayaked on Manistee Lake, up the channel and out into Lake Michigan! It was another cloudy day but warm… perfect to be out on the kayaks!

Monday evening we tried Taco Bout It, a Mexican restaurant in town that we hadn’t made it to yet. They were SLAMMED for a Monday. I felt so bad for our poor waitress… she was the only waitress in the building. Despite them being so short staffed (I only saw 4 employees total in the place) our food was fantastic and our margaritas were out of this world.

After dinner, we grabbed DQ and headed to the beach for a sunset.

Tuesday, Trev and I headed downtown to Goody’s for coffee and pastries. I loved stopping by Goody’s, it was so nostalgic for me! My friends and I used to frequent the small coffee shop when we were in high school. We sat outside and enjoyed our coffee and sticky buns before heading for a quick pier walk. The sunny morning quickly turned into a cloudy “rain at any second” kind of day. So instead of heading to the beach like our original plan, we decided to hit the trails!

We hiked back to the Udell Firetower and it was such a nice hike! It was a bit further than we had thought, but we really enjoyed our afternoon. Plus, it never ended up raining on us!

When we finished our hike we headed out to Dublin to get brats for dinner. That night, we grilled out! We had planned to go see the music at the beach later, but it got cold and rainy. So we stayed home and my mom and I celebrated Christmas in July! We made sugar cookies and watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel.

Wednesday we woke up to sunshine and knew it was a perfect beach day! We grabbed iced coffees (my mom had a Frozen Lemonade!) at Port City Brew and then headed down to the beach for the afternoon. It was a bit windy, but none the less, a perfect day!

We headed to TJs that night for some amazing dinner and back to the beach for the sunset. This was one of the best sunsets we got the whole week. We couldn’t believe we were already half way through our week at this point. Why does time always seem to speed up when you’re on vacation instead of slow down?

Thursday was the day we’d been looking forward to all week… we were headed to Short’s! It was a chilly/ overcast day, so it was the perfect day to spend some time in the car to get to our favorite Brewery. Yup. That’s right. We drove two hours one way just to eat delicious food and drink our favorite beer at their brew pub. And it is 100% worth is every time we do it.

After lunch we drove over to Traverse City to do some errands and try to upgrade our phones. We’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get Trev onto our family plan and then upgrade our phones to Pro 12 Maxs. It’s a whole long story/saga that I won’t bore you with, but they couldn’t help us in Traverse City either. Luckily, we hadn’t driven there just for that. We hit up Sam’s Club and Target before heading back to Manistee.

That night, the rain rolled in and there was no sunset. So we snuggled in the basement, popped some popcorn and rented Black Widow. We LOVED it. It was so good!

Friday we woke up to another rainy morning. Trev and I decided to act like tourists and spend it wandering around the shops downtown. We ended up finding so many treasures and had the best morning! (And I took zero pictures because it was pouring!)

We spent Friday afternoon reading and napping. I finished Malibu Rising (loved it) and started The Unhoneymooners. (I finished it and loved it!) By 4:00 the rain had cleared out. We went out for a fish fry at Doc’s and then headed to visit my Grandparents and sit on the porch with them for a bit. At 7:30 we watched some of the opening ceremonies before we headed down to the beach to try to catch a sunset. (Another non pretty one, but a beautiful night on the beach!)

Saturday we woke up to more rain and I was seriously sad. It was our last day in town and we couldn’t spend it at the beach or on the river like we’d hoped. So Trev and I decided to head to the ATT store to see if they could help us. Another long story short, we ended up having to drive to Ludington but FINALLY got our new phones. We got back into town around 1, which meant we were an hour late for meeting my parents for lunch at North Channel Brewing. They didn’t mind, but we were all disappointed when we got there to find a two hour wait to eat.

Turns out all our favorite places had massive waits because the rain drove everyone downtown for the afternoon. We ended up going to A&W and ordering a bunch of shareable things like cheese curds, onion rings and corn dog nuggets. It wasn’t North Channel, but it was a fun substitute!

When we got home it was time to start to prep for my cousin’s baby shower we were throwing that evening. Before we knew it, it was time to head to my Grandparents to get set up. We decided to do a small, family only shower for her and had planned to do it around the campfire. Super chill and not your typical baby shower. We were worrying it would have to be moved inside but the rain cleared and we ended up having a perfect night for it.

We spent the evening celebrating my cousins and their baby boy that will be here in about a month. It was so nice to see all my family, in one place for the first time since covid.

When the party was over we headed down to the beach to try to catch the sunset. It looked like it was a pretty one… it appeared the rain had helped with the hazienss from the wild fires. We missed the susnet, but the sky at dusk was still pretty for a few minutes!

Sunday we woke up and I was SO SAD. Not only did I not want to leave, but the weather was the nicest it had been all week. Like perfect beach day weather… sunny, no clouds, light breeze. But instead of heading to the beach, we packed up the car, said our goodbyes and headed south.

And while you’re reading this on Monday, I’m still sitting in car on our ride home. My new plan comes with a hotspot… which means I can blog prep on this long long drive!

My little blog helper.

Our week went by WAY to fast, and TBH, I still feel like I need another week Up North to feel truly rested and ready to get back to daily life. Unfortunately for me, that’s not quite how the universe works.

How was your weekend? I hope you did something fun and got out and enjoyed the sunshine!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off for now. But I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂 I’ll see you then!

Have a great start to your week.


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