Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Monday! I hope you all had wonderful weekends… I know we did!

Our weekend started out Friday super late. I had a reallllly long week at work and didn’t leave until almost 7:30. I was overly tired, overly hungry and overly emotional by the time I finally wandered out to my car. Luckily, I have the best husband ever and he told me he was waiting at one of our favorite “dive” bars in Plymouth. I jumped in the car and met Trev for the best burgers and beers around!

When we got home we turned on Friends and snuggled in for the night.

Saturday I slept in “late” (and by late I mean 7:30 hahaha) and it felt so nice! Trev was up way before me, and decided to go for a walk. But since I was still waking up, I stayed back and enjoyed my coffee out on the patio with my Jacksy Cat.

We saw lots of birds 😂

Once Trev got home we cleaned up and got ready to do some errands. I had things to pick up at Target and Party City for my cousin’s baby shower, and then we were going to Holiday Market to pick up fun stuff for dinner that night. (We had a fun date day planned!)

We love Holiday Market because they have food from all over the world! We decided to make our favorite Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo from Joanna Gaines’ cookbook and went to pick up all the fresh supplies we needed! We got pasta from Italy, fresh parmesan, in bakery made garlic bread and cookies and a bunch of foreign snacks that we love.

We came home from the market with subs too and had some lunch before getting ready for our afternoon! We had tickets to see Beyond Van Gough, the knock off version of Immersive Van Gough from Emily in Paris. (We have the tickets to the real one too in November!) We headed downtown to Cobo to get checked in for our ticket time.

The exhibition was cool, but wasn’t quite what we were hoping for. I’m very excited to see the real deal in November. I think the experience will be a little more intimate and not feel so forced. Beyond Van Gough started with facts and quotes that you walked through (which were cool but clearly were only there to make a nice queue) and then we walked into what they called “the waterfall room”. This room was SO tiny and it seemed a bit like a high school slideshow production.

Next, we walked into the big room where we watched the main show. I really enjoyed this, but there was SO many people wandering around the entire room. No matter where you stood, people were blocking your view. I’m excited that Immersive Van Gough doesn’t let people wander.

The only reason we bought these tickets was because I thought I was buying Immersive Van Gough tickets and it turned out I was not. And the knock off version doesn’t let you return them. SO if you’re planning to go, make sure you triple check which one you’re buying!

Either way, we had fun and were excited to get home to cook dinner together!

We made our delicious dinner and watched Captain Marvel! It was my first time seeing it, and guys… I freakin’ loved it! I’m slowly getting sucked into the Marvel Universe, and I’m totally okay with that. HAHA

Sunday we woke up to a gloomy, rainy day. We snuggled on the couch with our coffee and enjoyed a lazy morning!

Then, we decided to use the gloomy weather to our advantage, and spend the day decluttering our basement. We turned on Big Bang Theory and worked all afternoon. We got BOXES of stuff to sell on Facebook Market Place and donate. It felt so nice to declutter a bit! We have a bunch more to do, but we’ll save that for another rainy day.

Sunday evening, we spent our evening watching TV and relaxing before the work week started again. In great news, only a few more days until I’m on VACATION! We’re not going anywhere this year (we had planned to go to Disney because Trev has never been, but we didn’t feel comfortable making travel plans so far out not knowing what covid might bring) except Up North! This is the same thing we did last summer and it was so relaxing. We had the best week and we can’t wait to head back up there! We both need a break and to destress a bit. I’m literally counting down the minutes!

Alright my loves, sorry for the lack of photos today. I didn’t have my phone out much this weekend. I’m signing off for the evening, but I’ll be back tomorrow!


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