You guys. IT’S ALREADY WEDNESDAY. Like seriously this week feels like it’s flying by! I’m so excited we’re only a few days from the weekend!

It’s another week and another Wednesday, and you know what that means. Let’s get right to it!

What I’m Reading

I finished the book I mentioned that I started last week! It was cute and an easy read. It was call The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent. If you’re looking for a quick read that takes place somewhere different (this is the first book I’ve read that takes place in Scotland!) I think you’ll love it! I started a new book yesterday too. To no one’s surprise, I hopped on the influencer bandwagon and downloaded Malibu Rising. I’m only a few chapters in but I’m already captivated. I can’t wait to see what happens!

What I’m Listening To

I’m back on the Disney podcast bandwagon. I’ve been listening to people’s trip reports across multiple Disney podcasts, but my favorite is Capture the Magic. They go super in depth into peoples most recent vacations and I love them because I feel like I learn so many tips and tricks for my new Disney trip!

What I’m LOLing About

That we sent out our Christmas cards today 😂 They got stuck at a distribution center in Atlanta back in November and we didn’t get them until almost Valentine’s Day. I was SO frustrated. This is the first time Shutterfly has ever let me down. We couldn’t even get a refund on them… they were only offering a percentage off my next card order before a certain date. So come February, we were stuck with a ton of Christmas cards and stamps and had nothing to do with them. So we decided to celebrate Christmas in July and send out a little mid-year cheer. We hope it puts a smile on our friends and families faces!

What I’m Buying

Ok… don’t hate me. BUT, I’m starting to make some purchases toward Fall decor! It’s so early, I know. But I’ve noticed that this past summer all the decor was rusty oranges so I’m picking up small thins on sale that will fit perfectly into my fall decor! I loved how my house looked last year, and now that I know the ~*aesthetic*~ I’m going for, I’m picking up pieces to add to it. I’m planning to completely overall all my decor boxes and get rid of everything I’ve been holding on to for years but don’t put out anymore. But that’s a project for a rainy day!

What I’m Excited About

A weekend at home! I’m so excited because we’re going to have a really good weekend… I can feel it! We’re seeing the knock off Van Gough exhibit this weekend. (Long story short… I thought I was buying tickets to the Immersive Van Gough exhibit like on Emily in Paris only to find out it was Beyond Van Gough which is a knock off and you can’t return the tickets. So we are going to see it this weekend and then going to see the real deal in November when it comes to Detroit.) We’re also doing date night at home and going to this super cute market that has foods from all over the world to shop for fun fresh ingredients to make dinner. Plus I plan on sleeping a lot… it’s supposed to be rainy. Perfect napping weather!

So my loves, what’s new in your lives? It’s so rainy here today, and I can’t wait to curl up and read another chapter in my book! It’s giving me all the cozy vibes. Speaking of cozy… come back tomorrow for the coziest vibes you’ll get all July! I’ll see you then.


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