What up, what up my beautiful friends?! It’s another week, and another Wednesday… and you know what that means! Let’s hop right into it!

What I’m Watching

Loki! So I’m still just dipping my toes into the Marvel world. But I feel myself getting more into it with every movie/show I watch. I don’t know much about Loki because I’ve yet to watch Thor (it’s next on my list!) but I’ve been loving the Loki show on Disney+! (Poor Trev has to pause and explain stuff to me every 5 minutes. haha) I love the whole concept of the show, and it’s super intriguing! The only thing I hate? Having to wait a week to see what happens next. Ugh. So old school 🙂

What I’m Excited About

Our last big house project is officially done! The shutters were hung up today and it looks SO beautiful! I’m hoping to snap a few pictures this weekend so that I can show it off to you next week!

What I’m Working On

Speaking of house projects, it feels so weird to not have any more big projects to be doing! We’re working on a list of small projects and improvements that we want to make now. Things like finishing moulding that hasn’t been finished, redesigning our closets and doing a massive declutter of all our crap. I’m not really sure how we’ve accumulated so much stuff the past two years but it’s time to get rid of the things we no longer use so that someone else can enjoy them!

What I’m Working Out To

I’ve been doing Yoga every day and really enjoying it! I know it’s not as much of a workout as a cardio video or a run around the block, but it’s been SO good for my anxiety and mental health. I look forward to the half hour I’ve been taking to myself each day.

What I’m Reading

I just started a new book yesterday and so far, it’s super promising! I love the plot of the book and I love the setting! (It takes place in Scotland!) I’m excited to read more tonight. I’m only a few chapters in. I also finished the second book in the American Royals series this week. I didn’t have high hopes for it because I heard the author literally mixed up all the love matches and I was expecting to hate it. But I actually didn’t mind it and I hope a third book comes out soon. You know me… I like to check in on my characters and make sure they’re doing okay. 😂

What I’m Thinking About

The long weekend. It’s so close I can practically touch it. I’m getting myself packed and picking out what treats I’m bringing to our BBQ this evening before hopping into bed.

What I’m Laughing At

The “White Woman’s Instagram” challenge on Tiktok to that Bo Burnahm song. I’m with most of the girls and would lose at the “tiny pumpkins” stage. HAHA I laugh so hard every time I see those videos!

What Else Is New

Not much. My partner in crime is heading off on vacation this week so I’m a one woman show at work! Send me all the good vibes… I might need them!

So my loves, what’s up in your lives?! I’ll be back tomorrow with one more Fourth of July post before jetting off for the long weekend! I’ll talk to you then!


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