Weekend Round Up

Hi Loves! I hope you’re all doing great on this dreary, rainy, Monday. It’s super hot and muggy outside, but our house in nice and cool and I’m snuggled up on the couch with Trev enjoying some Friends. It almost feels like it’s still the weekend. (If only!)

We had a great weekend at home, and I didn’t take a ton of pictures. BUT, that’s because I was too busy enjoying myself!

Our weekend started on Friday night after work. We took a drive down to Dundee to do some Father’s Day shopping and grab some dinner. We ate at Great Lakes Pub and Eatery, and it’s the first time we’ve been out on a date at a restaurant in SO long! It was so nice to get out and catch up about our days over a yummy dinner and beer!

After dinner we headed across the parking lot to Cabela’s to do some Father’s Day shopping. I was excited because I got a new hat for $5!

Saturday morning we did a few errands before spending our day outside! Trev worked on some projects and I sat in my pool and read! It was SO relaxing in the sunshine!

We also got some our first “harvest” from our Living Wall! A very small harvest… but a harvest none the less!

Saturday night we did date night on our patio! We set up our projector we got for Christmas and watched The Avengers.

Sunday we slept in, did our grocery shopping and then spent our day outside again! Trev finished some more projects and me? I hung out in my minidip again and finished a book!

Before we knew it, the day had flown by and it was time to turn in for the night. And just like that, our weekend was over.

How were your weekends? Did you have nice weather like we did?

Alright my loves. I’m signing off for the night! Bachelorette is back tonight. Who’s watching?! (I’m going to DVR and watch tomorrow!)


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