Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday my loves! I hope this post finds you rested and relaxed from the weekend and ready to take on the week.

I’m feeling pretty good because I’ve already got Monday under my belt and I’m ending my evening on the patio with Trev. We just finished our dinner and now we’re both working on our computers with country music on Spotify and enjoying every last bit of this beautiful day.

We had such a great weekend. It was so nice our, so we spent it working on projects outside! We were feeling super accomplished by the time we turned in on Sunday. Not only did we get a lot done, but we also took time to enjoy ourselves and relax.

Our weekend started out on THURSDAY. That’s right, we both took Friday off! So Thursday evening, we made Brinner and stayed up late watching reruns of Schitt’s Creek. It was the perfect start to our weekend.

Friday we slept in before getting ready for our day! I booked an appointment with my cousin to get my hair done in Grand Rapids, and Trev tagged a long. We had the BEST time! We left our house around 10 and took our time getting to GR. We grabbed some lunch when we got into town and Trev dropped me off at the salon. He checked out some breweries while I was getting my hair done!

Guys… my cousin did such an AMAZING job on my hair! It’s been TWO years since I got my hair done. (Isn’t that crazy?! Covid changed my last appointment and then I decided to wait until Kota could start taking clients tog et my hair done.) I love how it turned out so much! She cut a ton off (not sure exactly how much but I would guess like 6 or 7 inches) and did some balayage for me. If you’re in Michigan go book with her! You can find her on Instagram at @hair.makeup.bykota

When I was done, Trev picked me up and we headed to our old stompin’ grounds… GVSU! School is out for the summer so we pretty much had campus to ourselves. It was so fun to take a trip down memory lane!!

My old dorm! They changed the name on me and it totally threw me off!
My townhouse at 48 West! I lived in T3 🙂 This is also where Trev and I met!

We left Allendale laughing so hard we were crying talking about our favorite memories and decided that we wanted to go back to college. Don’t grow up kids… it’s a trap.

We headed into the city for dinner Friday evening. It was a gorgeous day and GR is home to some KILLER patios. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to do for dinner. Should we try something new? Try to get a spot on a patio? Go to an old favorite? We ended up at our tried and true favorite spot because in the end… no patio could beat out Peppinos Bites.

After dinner we grabbed cookies at Insomina Cookies before we headed back to Detroit. It was a perfect Friday!

Saturday we woke up to find our baby birds hatched!

I was SO excited! The Mama bird just sits and tilts her head back and forth when I talk to her and she’s so sweet and so proud of her babies! I just love them!

We spent the day on Saturday working on outdoor projects. Trev painted another wall of our exterior, while I worked in my garden and painted our door. Then, we installed and planted our vertical garden/ living wall that we are SO proud of!

We love it SO much! I’ve got a blog post coming for you on exactly how we built it, and what plants we put in it too! So make sure you’re subscribed so it’s delivered right to your inbox 🙂

Saturday evening we were exhausted from all the fresh air, so we ordered in and curled up on the couch to watch a movie. We ended up watching Spiderman which I really didn’t want to watch. And I ended up LOVING it. Tom Holland’s Spiderman is so damn endearing.

Sunday we woke up and it was raining. We used the morning to clean the house and do our laundry. But the sun came out in the afternoon so I spent the day napping and reading in our hammock! I finished Beach Read by Emily Henry and LOVED IT SO MUCH. I also started her new book, People we Meet on Vacation. And I can’t put it down. I’m almost done with it all ready and am trying to slow myself down because I don’t want it to be over just yet!

Sunday evening we did our normal Sunday evening things, like meal prepping, folding laundry and trying to relax before the start of a busy week.

How were your weekends?! I hope you had some sunshine wherever you are!

Alright my loves, I feel like this was a super chatty weekend round up 🙈 I’ll be back tomorrow! Have a great rest of your night!


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