Life Lately

Hi Friends! I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA this week! We’ve been busy busy busy at our house these past few days.

This past weekend we were supposed to head Up North for the first time since October. However, my car wasn’t out of the shop in time for us to go. This meant we had an entire unplanned weekend ahead of us full of endless possibilities. We ended up biting off a bit more than we could chew and had half finished projects laying all around our house come Monday morning. As I type this, we’re JUST NOW finishing the final coat of paint on our bedroom. I’m super excited because not only does it look incredible, but we can finally put the paint cans and rollers away and I don’t have to trip over them in the middle of the night when I get up to pee anymore 🙂

Anyways, we’re heading Up North this weekend since my car has a beautiful new bumper and is ready for a road trip! I’ll be back on Monday with some fun Spring Cleaning inspired posts! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week and an even better weekend. I’ll talk to you soon!


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