House Update! + Our Finished and Ongoing Projects

Happy Happy Monday my loves! I’m so excited to be back today with a post that I’ve been working on all week! (I know… I missed posting last week. But I wanted the posts I’ve been working on to be perfect!) Today, you’re getting House Update #4! I’m so excited to show you what we’ve been working on. It’s been far too long since I’ve shared one of these with you!

The last time you saw our home, we were in the middle of quarantine. Since then, we’ve started a TON of projects and started working on our upstairs!

As I sat back to start gathering photos to share with you, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We worked so hard day after day to turn this house into our home. I am happy to say our main floor renovation is done! (You can see those before and after photos by clicking here!) Nothing has really changed on our main floor besides a bit of the decor!

It’s crazy to think that this has been our home for almost two years now. When we bought it I was worried it would never feel like ours. And now, I’m sitting on my cozy couch, in my cozy living, that is the most perfect reflection of Trevor and I. When I look around me, I see the reflection of hard work and visions come to life. And I can’t believe that we call this beautiful place home!

We are so dang lucky and blessed.

It’s taken a lot of elbow grease, tears and helpful YouTube videos, but I’m so excited to share what we’ve been working on lately with you!

If you didn’t see our Empty-ish House Tour, click here to see what the rooms looked like when we began! And if you didn’t see our first House Update click here, and our second House Update click here! And like I mentioned above, you can see the official before and after photos of our main floor renovations here.

Now, might I recommend going and grabbing a cup of coffee and getting snuggly. This post is about to be a long one!

Alright friends, today I’m opening my doors to you! Come on in, I’m so excited to share my home (again) with you!

Now, the last time you were here, it was looking like this!

Gimme alllll the Christmas decor! 😍 Since then, the Christmas decor has been boxed up and our everyday decor is back out. Gone are the garlands and sleighbells and back are black and white photos of travel memories, green plants and cozy textiles. I hate taking down the decorations every year, but whenever I do, our house always feel refreshed and new and ready to take on a new year. You can read how I like to keep my home feeling cozy after the holidays here!

The only real changes to our main floor since our last House Update is the decor. Most of you know that I have THE HARDEST time with my left built ins (never the right!) but this year, I think I’ve nailed it! I’ve kept it simple with vintage books, black and white photos of my angel pups, my niece and nephew and the most gorgeous piece of art work I’ve ever purchased! A girl I know from home drew this stunning picture of us on our wedding day! She has an Etsy shop and I highly recommend her! She’s the sweetest person and so incredibly talented. Turn around time was quick too! This would make an amazing gift! Here’s a close up of our photo that I stole from her Etsy page 🙂

From Breanna325 Design 🙂

So, since you’ve seen our main floor countless times, let’s move up stairs! After a year of having our carpet, we finally got our moulding up! Here is what our stairs looked like when we first moved in. (This is the closest picture I have to the old moulding and carpet!)

And here is what it looks like now!

The moulding really helps it look “finished”! Snapple fact… we used door moulding kits throughout our entire house as our floor moulding. It was the exact look we wanted and a million times cheaper than actual moulding!

Alright! Once you get up the stairs the first room you see is our bathroom! In case you forgot, here is what it used to look like.

It was definitely the most modern room in our house! However, we wanted to freshen it up a bit. During quarantine, this was the first project we took on! We actually weren’t really planning on changing anything except for the wall color and taking down the broken glass door. But… quarantine got to me and I kind sorta went all out. HAHA We painted our walls the same color as our small bathroom, Behr River Veil, and it DID NOT look good with all the dark wood. What looked Fresh and New in our downstairs bathroom looked like a house that had been painted in the 60s and hadn’t been touched since in the upstairs bathroom. So we removed the shower doors, put up a pretty shower curtain, and painted all the wood (even the cabinets) white! And guys… it looks SO pretty! It really brightened up our bathroom and made it feel so much bigger! We’ve added in some shelves for extra storage too! Now, we need all the bathroom decor and accessories! I picked out a few things for the shelves but I’m still not done. Bathroom decor is last on my list of things to buy! We also added the black hardware to the cabinets like I mentioned we were going to do in our last update.

My jar that is filled with bath bombs is one I’ve had for YEARS from Hobby Lobby.

We definitely need a new rug… our white one has seen better days! I just haven’t found one that I like yet. Our shower curtain is from Target, the shower rod and hooks are Amazon Basics, and you’ll recognize the shelves as the same from our little bathroom. (Also from Target.) The print is the first of three in our home from Juniper Print Shop! This one is Lowland. The hardware we added to our cabinets is also an Amazon find!

Next up is our Guest Room aka The Blue Room! This room is still a “work in progress” but it’s almost there! Here is what the Blue Room used to look like.

Andddd here is what she looks like now!

Jackson thinks that this is his room… and wouldn’t move for any of the photos. hahaha I love how this room is shaping up. We painted it the same color as our main floor because it is such a small room. The best way to make a room feel bigger is by putting light colors on the wall and white on the ceiling! However, I didn’t want this room to be completely colorless. I wanted it to feel warm and cozy! So I loaded up on the cozy textiles. We added a warm toned area rug, a chunky knit blanket, the prettiest blue duvet I’ve ever seen and some fun throw pillows!

I truly love the bedding in our guest room. The duvet cover we picked is amazing quality! I highly recommend it. I was so sad because I wanted it in white for our bedroom but it’s been sold out since May and hasn’t been back in stock until now… and we already got a new white duvet from Target. We ordered pillows from Amazon (also amazing) and sheets from Amazon too. The pink throw pillow is another Amazon find (not going to lie it’s way smaller than I thought it would be, but super pretty) and the rusty one is from Target. (From their Magnolia line last fall.) Our lamps you can see in the background are Walmart finds (Can you believe it?! Also sold out.) and I honestly can’t remember where we got the nightstands from. (A late night quarantine purchase. Oops.)

The big picture above the bed is from Juniper Print Shop! This one is called Montauk. I love it because it reminds me of the beach at home. Our bed frame is from All Modern. (Sold out.) I was a little disappointed with it when it came in… I thought the back would be a bit higher. But the price point is spot on and it’s heavy duty.

On the big blank wall we added some shelves that I found at Five Below! I seriously couldn’t believe how cute they were when I saw them! We used four shelves total. We framed a bunch of photos of us on the beach in Manistee, because it is one of our favorite places in the world.

Also this room is missing is some nightstand decor, a new closet door and some curtains!

Next up is our room! I don’t have many pictures because it is definitely still a work in progress! (Seriously. It’s only half painted hahaha) But as a reminder, here is what our room looked like before!

And now it looks like this!

I love how our bedroom is starting to take shape, but it still has a really long way to go! Our closets is definitely the biggest change in our bedrooms so far! That and the green paint! (It’s Behr Pinecone Hill. I we LOVE it.) I’m going to wait to share links for our bedroom until it’s finished and not looking like this…

Things that are still happening in our bedroom? Trev is building us new night stands (we have one done and its AMAZING), we have to paint the rest of the walls, and we need to add some decor! Trev also built me that pretty mirror, and is going to stain it to match our new night stands. (Can you even believe it’s one of the old mirrored closets?!)

Anddddd you probably notice I kind of skipped over the closets. If you want to know more about how we DIYed them… come back tomorrow!

The last room is the “white” room which we have done nothing to. At the moment it’s a paint/staining/storage room. Here is what it looked like before…

And here it is now.

Dare I say it’s even worse? HAHA

We still have A LOT of work ahead of us! Here are some of our ongoing and future projects!

  • New Nightstands
  • Finish Painting
  • New trim in the Master Bedroom
  • New vanity
  • Decor for all upstairs rooms
  • New light for Master Bath

We also have some BIG goals for outside too! We’re not sure how soon we’ll start tackling these, but they are next on our list once we finish our upstairs!

  • Paint the house!
  • Add shutters
  • New Landscaping
  • Backyard Patio makeover
  • Vertical Garden (we were so inspired walking Zac Down To Earth while we were in quarantine last year!)
  • Fix our fence

It’s a tall order, but as the weather gets nicer, we’re getting excited to tackle the challenge! Don’t worry, I’ll take you along with me on that journey too 🙂

Oh my goodness. That was the world’s longest post! It’s crazy to see all the changes we’ve made. We are SO proud of the changes we made and the projects we were able to complete on our own!

Are their projects you have questions about? Any that you want to see an entire post on? Let me know in the comments below! Remember… closet DIY is coming at you tomorrow! Be sure you’re subscribed to have it delivered right to your inbox!

Alright my loves, if you made it this far, I hope you have the best rest of your day! I found Greek on Hulu and I’m about to binge watch as many episodes as I can before I fall asleep 🙂


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