What up, what up my beautiful friends? It’s another week, and another Wednesday which means it’s time to share all the things I’m currently loving!

What I’m Watching

As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to turn on Framing Britney Spears. I’ve loved her so much since I was a little girl, and since everyone is talking about it, I feel like I need to see it too! I’ve also found the original Sabrina on Hulu. I’ve been watching it while I clean. I forgot how much I adored this show when I was younger!

What I’m Eating

We tried two new Mix and Match Mama recipes this week and they were both so yummy! Tonight we had Margarita Chicken Soup. Her Chicken Tortilla Soup is a STAPLE in our house. (We make it every other week.) And I actually liked this one better! We also made her Sloppy Joe Pot Pies. We did it a little bit different than her instructions. We cooked up the meat like she said but let it simmer longer until it thickened. Then we baked the biscuits separately and added them to the top of our bowls before we ate. We did it this way so we could heat up the leftovers without having soggy biscuits. Either way, these were phenomenal and SO easy. We will def be making again!

What I’m Buying

I realized it was time to replace a ton of things around our house that we never think to replace and should probably replace a lot more than we do. Things like shower curtain liners, loofahs and toothbrush heads. I’ve made quite a few Amazon purchases lately. Maybe I’ll do another Amazon Lately post. I’ve found some AMAZING deals!!

What I’m Loving

All these videos of Drunk Tom Brady from the Super Bowl parade today 😂 I love seeing him be the GOAT but I think I love seeing him be a normal guy. Plus it makes me feel good to know I’m better than TB12 at one thing and one thing only… holding my liquor.

What I’m Annoyed With

The fact that I got rear ended on my way home from work today. Ugh. (No worries, everyone was okay!)

What I’m Excited About

This weekend! My parents are coming to visit!

What I’m Celebrating

Valentine’s Day! I didn’t prepare any posts this year, so I’m linking up a few of my favorite Valentine Posts of years past below!

Looking for a last minute date idea that doesn’t completely suck? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Last year I shared FIVE ideas that you can pull off before Thursday and your significant other will love them all! Find the original post here.

Want to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls?! Do Leslie Knope proud and click here! I shared a drink recipe that is TO DIE FOR and FIVE ideas to celebrate the beautiful tropical fish in your lives.

Wanting to cook something special for you loved ones? Head over to Mix and Match Mama for a perfect, family friendly, recipe or two!

Need a few last minute gift ideas? Check out this Buzzfeed post about Subscription Boxes. I 100% believe these make the BEST last minute gifts!

Are you a blogger that’s shared a Valentine’s Day post? Maybe gift ideas, date ideas, or recipes? Post them down below! I know I’d love to see them!

Alright my loves. I’m signing off for the night… but I’ll be back tomorrow!


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