Weekend Round Up

Hiiii Friends! Long time no talk. I’m sorry I was MIA last week. I did pre-prep my blogs like I normally do and the week was a very busy one at work. From a late meeting to crazy days I was EXHAUSTED and going to sleep early every night. But, I’m back this week and ready to go! It’s crazy what a restful weekend can do for the soul 🙂

I’ve felt so weird sharing Weekend Round Ups ever since covid hit because we really don’t do much of anything! Ready to see our boring weekend? Let’s jump right in!

We started our weekend out on Friday when I got home from work. We ordered Chinese take out, and planked ourselves on the couch to watch some Netflix. We started a new to us series, Derry Girls. It’s funny but we were having the hardest time keeping up with their accents! I think we’re going to watch all the way through and go back and rewatch it again so that we can actually catch all the jokes!

Saturday we slept in and it was so nice! We had coffee and read in the den before heading out to do an errand. I bought some nightstands from Kirklands that didn’t work out (they were SO tiny) so we needed to return them! When we got back home we cleaned up the house, started the laundry and Trev got to work on a project for our bedroom!

Saturday evening we cooked dinner together and watched Austin Powers! We were SO excited to see Austin Powers on Hulu. Such great throw back movies!

Sunday we grocery shopped, meal prepped and shot some photos for an upcoming Instagram post. We finished the evening watching TB12 and the Bucs take on the Packers.


Alright my loves. Sorry for the boring weekend round up with no pictures! I’m off to work. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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