5 Things I Got For Christmas That You Should Definitely Spend Your Christmas Money On

Does anyone else feel pressure to only spend their Christmas money on really really really good things? Like things you really want but wouldn’t buy for yourself? For some reason, every year, I find myself triple thinking what I should spend my money on. I put so much pressure on trying to decide what to buy that I never actually use it for something special because nothing seems “special” enough. Before I know it it’s in the bank account and been used for something random or groceries.

So this year, I decided that I’d help all of you out that find yourself in this same predicament. We got some AMAZING gifts and they are 10,000% worth your Christmas money! (PS. I’m not trying to brag or flaunt the very generous gifts we received, I just know how much we appreciate and love them and think so many other people would love to own these things too!)

VANKYO Mini Projector

This is BY FAR the coolest gift we got for Christmas. This projector is SO tiny! My parents got it for Trev and I so that we could use it in our backyard this summer. This quality on this little thing is incredible. It has wifi so it can connect right to your favorite streaming services or you can plug into it. It’s super user friendly and packs up really easily. I’m not joking when I say it fits in the palm of my hand. We can’t wait to take it outside and use the big screen they got us to go with it, but for now, we’ve been projecting onto a blank wall in our basement. Get your’s here! (PS there is a coupon for an extra $10 off right now!)

A New Wallet

Take this as your sign to get a new wallet. If you’re anything like me you’ve had the same wallet for 10+ years and it’s falling to pieces. I got this new wallet for Christmas and I already love it! (I’m really not big on changes but I’ve adjusted to this change pretty quickly!) I like it because there are so many zippers and pockets. It fits everything I need and has space for more! I also got a super cute Coach wristlet from Trev’s mom! If you’re looking for something smaller, especially to take out with you on a night out, I highly recommend this one! (Not my exact one, but super close and an amazing price!) Get your new waller here.

A Bath Robe

Just trust me. You need this in your life. Especially if you live where it’s cold all winter! This isn’t my exact robe (mine is already sold out) but this is the same brand and material! It’s SOOOOO cozy! Target hit it out of the park with this one! Get yours here!

New Bath Bombs

One of my favorite little luxuries are bath bombs! I hate spending money on them because they are a one and done type thing. So whenever someone asks for ideas for me for gifts I say anything from Lush! I love their bath bombs and bubble bars. I got a few for Christmas and bought a few more with my Christmas money. Every time I use them I just feel so much more relaxed. Pro Tip! I actually cut all my bath bombs and bubble bars in half to help me feel like I get more out of them! I don’t notice a difference in the quality of my bath. They all still do what they’re supposed to! Plus I don’t feel like I need to spend forever in the tub. A relaxing half hour soak is just right with half a bath bomb 🙂 Find yours here!

Ticket to Ride (Alexa Enabled Edition)

Okay. If you like board games you have GOT to buy this. I know that Ticket to Ride is not a new game, and it’s been around for a awhile. But I’ve never boughten it because it feels like a steep price for a game. (It’s $50.) Now, I know why everyone is willing to pay the price. The quality of the game is insane. It’s SO fun and really addicting. But my favorite thing about the version we have is we can play it with our Alexa devices! You can let Alexa join your game which is perfect if you’re looking to add more players! We also received Trekking the National Parks and LOVE it. It’s pretty similar to Ticket to Ride, you just can’t play with Alexa. Get Ticket to Ride here! (Out of stock right now, but will ship at the end of the month… plus there is a coupon!) PS… I’ve seen both of these games as daily deals on Amazon for half the price. So if you’re still not wanting to pay full price be sure to keep your eye on the daily deals!

What was your favorite Christmas gift? Leave it in the comments below because it just might be something someone else (like meeeee) wants to spend their Christmas money on this year!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off for the night… but I’ll be back tomorrow! See you then.


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