Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I hope you all had the BEST weekend. We did a whole lotta nothing. Seriously, I think we left our house twice? And it was amazing! We are both always so busy that when the stars align and we don’t have places to be on the weekends and can just be at our house we’re always so happy.

Our weekend started out on Friday when I got home from work! I was so excited to come home and see Trev’s hair cut! He hadn’t had it cut since March of last year and it was ROUGH. It looks so good 🙂 I changed and quick worked out while Trev finished up working in the garage.

Friday night we ordered dinner (restaurants are still closed to in person dining here in Michigan) and played Ticket to Ride! (Our newest obsession.)

Saturday we woke up early and headed out to get all our errands done. We had to take some Amazon returns to Kohl’s, stop by Target and get groceries for the week.

When we got home we took down the rest of the Christmas decorations and got them put away… sort of. We made a giant pile in the basement and it’s my goal to sort through alllllll the decor on our storage shelves and declutter next weekend before I put everything away.

Our house always feels so empty when the Christmas decor comes down! But I love how fresh it feels too.

Later that afternoon we made a beer run because Trev said his “beer fridge was empty”. (If you saw my stories you’ll know it totally wasn’t 😂)

When we got back home we did a quick workout and set up our at home date night that we’d been looking forward to all week! We got a mini projector for Christmas and we set it up in our basement. We blew up our air mattress, ordered wings and set up for a cozy night in! A small wrinkle in our plan… it took our wings 2 1/2 hours to be delivered! When we ordered it said 50 minutes. It was a whole thing. We kept trying to call the restaurant and they would hang up on Trev and he tried to go find out what was going on and there was literally a line of people out the door trying to get their food. It was nuts. We finally got them at 8:30. We were starving!

But, we didn’t let that ruin our night. We watched an old favorite of ours, Beerfest! We spent the evening laughing hysterically and eating semi-cold wings and fries.

We spent Sunday cleaning and napping. It was a perfect Sunday!

Now, we’re back to the grind. Here’s to hoping for a great week! Have a great Monday my loves. I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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